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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Something just dawned on me today as I processed my assimilation into the real world (thanks to our new poster, @Jester, giving me a major throwback to my first post).

    When you're a Jehovah's Witness, you really are in some sort of la la land. Things which are perfectly normal are acts of eating from the table of the demons. Things which are horribly grotesque and extremely unjust are branded as "righteousness". And when you're in that tiny little JW bubble (which feels like the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to you), the Witnesses hold the monopoly on setting standards and it's the entire world which falls short.

    Something as basic as speaking. Yes, just talking. This, in JW land is referred to as a PRIVILEGE. Your basic human right of contributing to a public discussion is something to be earned. To hold a microphone... that's another "privilege". Now that I'm out and thinking of these things from a regular person's perspective, I've realized just how demented and manipulative that truly is. The entire set up demotes us human beings as some scummy slaves who need to EARN their right to open their mouths when in the presence of others. It's packaged as a privilege to JWs to make sure they know their lowly place and be eternally grateful just to contribute verbally.

    It's almost like some 18th century slavery in colonial America where the blacks were denied their basic rights and the whites perhaps chose to toss them some filthy scraps to eat and considered that a "privilege" for the oppressed.

    I can't believe I never noticed this while still in. It all felt so normal and nothing to even question/raise eyebrows at! Looking in from the outside reveals a very different story. Each week that goes by and I think I'm fully awake, I come to realize there's more to uncover from all the deep-seated cult ideals that were instilled in me. No, it is not a privilege to speak or assist at functions (be it with sound equipment or taking inventory for stock). This is my right. This is my standard. This is what I do.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise is still living in the vicinity of this la la dictatorship. Being given the privilege to open your mouth and utter words is as much of a "privilege" as being allowed to step out of your house wearing clothes. For those of you still in, STOP letting the WT strip you naked. It's humiliating and keeps you from noticing their own bare shame.

  • pale.emperor

    This is a wonderful post. I never looked at it like that before.

    I always likened it to North Korea. Even haircuts are monitored.

  • venus

    Everyone saw apple falling down, yet only Newton thought differently. Situation is same with those within the organization. Very few fortunate ones would dare to think!

  • Ding

    The whole "privileges" thing seems weird to an outsider.

    I remember being shocked when I found out that holding the microphone was considered to be a great privilege.

    In fact, I was shocked that they used microphones at all instead of just having people speak louder.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @pale.emperor You know how you disarm JWs with their jargon by calling it "the religion" instead of "the Truth"? From here on out, we should start referring to these so-called "privileges" as "rights".

    If any JW asks me about my journey as a Witness in my cong, I'll casually talk about how I worked really hard as a single mother balancing out meetings, etc, etc, "and eventually, the elders gave me back my rights." Or if someone hasn't been commenting lately and JWs are talking about how so-and-so has been quiet at the meetings, I'll say, "maybe the elders took away his rights."

    Hopefully that causes some thought provocation! We never think of these things as Witnesses.

  • Diogenesister
    Paley I always likened it to North Korea. Even haircuts are monitored.

    I found out North Korea, outsource some of their prisons to Russia, POLAND, Cuba, but they are worried any prisoners will escape to the west or South Korea. To be sent to an outsourced prison you must fit some criteria the main one being married with children etc because they hold them hostage, you can't take your family with you.

    Watchtower really is like North Korea as they too hold your family hostage

  • Diogenesister

    Jo Ho Bloody brilliant post, as usual.

    JW Privilege:It's meant to encourage humility but all it does is strengthen the power of the slave master; Watchtower, and turn us into a bunch of " Uncle Toms"

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    Love this post and I definitely agree. To me what’s crazy is the whole culture of the Witnesses. For an example how here in the States if you were to see a gentleman with a beard you’d jump to the conclusion that he isn’t a brother with privileges, let alone a brother.

  • pale.emperor

    @pale.emperor You know how you disarm JWs with their jargon by calling it "the religion" instead of "the Truth"? From here on out, we should start referring to these so-called "privileges" as "rights".

    Haha! that's brilliant, i think i'll start doing that as well.

    So far i've used these alternative words, it interrupts their thought pattern:

    The truth - the religion

    The world - the real world

    Apostates - former members

    Disfellowshipped - excommunicated (they dont like the Catholic connotation)

    The Governing Body - your leaders

    Armageddon - The mass genocide

    Paradise - post genocide world

    A great way to run their brains into a confusing loop is to ask about "new light".

    "So what you had before this new light came out wasn't the truth then?"

    "So before this new light was announced, if you believed it already before the GB did you were an apostate? But now you can believe it because the GB got the memo after you did?"

    "How do you know it's new light and not apostasy from the GB?"

    Read Galatians 1:8 "So did Paul already believe in 1914 and an overlapping Generation?"

    Stick to the subject and dont let them change it. They give up.


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