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  • AllTimeJeff

    The nomenclature of JW's is unique to their own. How do you reframe work? Call it a privilege. How do you stifle a voice? Call them comments, then make that a privilege.

    I like this post. I personally so was ambitious at my arrogant JW peak that I viewed each "privilege" as something to gain and conquer, and I rated myself based on the age I achieved them. I had to be a young MS, then Elder. (accomplished) Mic Handler since I was 9. (insert sort of not really funny, but funny, punch line here). Whatever it was, to some JW's like me before my awakening, a privilege was a notch on the JW bedpost.

    The ultimate privilege? Become one of the anointed. Who's gonna check you on that? Just play the game, make sure you have the long con going on, be in the traveling work or missionary for 20 years, make sure you network so you can kiss some GB @$$, and then suddenly, YHWH picks you. Next stop, GB 2.0 (or is it 3.0 soon???)

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