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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    That was an awesome post, JoHo..! It really is like peeling back layers from an onion to see how indoctrinated and controlled we were.

    You don’t know what you don’t know...

    I’m about 5-10 years out, and it really has been a journey of awakening and insights and “revelations”, which are still happening and which still amaze me.

    Your thoughts about “privileges” vs. “rights” is so Orwellian (have you read “1984”??) and is such an example of black-white thinking and the cognitive dissonance which occurs when one tries to explain or justify it. (Freedom=slavery, war=peace <—-Orwell, “1984”.)

  • betterdaze
    I'll casually talk about how I worked really hard as a single mother balancing out meetings, etc, etc, "and eventually, the elders gave me back my rights."

    According the February 2016 broadcast, single sisters wouldn’t remain that way very long if we would just take a humbler view and learn to appreciate our female garbage rights.

    Handling other peoples' reeking leaking bathroom waste is just one of the many rights obedient wives enjoy, along with sammich' making rights and beer fetching rights.

    Jehovah approves engaging in janitorial rights to attract a suitable marriage mate.

  • betterdaze
    pale.emperor that's a useful and clever list!
  • Tallon

    Great post JoHo - I too never thought of it from that angle. As each day passes we learn great things from this forum. Although I have been inactive / faded for nearly 4 years I would not describe myself as fully 'awake' because as this topic highlights, I have learnt something new. So I will describe my journey as a gradual awakening.

    PE also gave some great information on using different words to JW standard vocabulary. Thanks PE, will definitely use your ideas going forward.

  • carla

    You forgot the "privilege" of the holy toilet brush! my jw once told me that was a 'privilege' he had to do before he came home and he might be bit late that day. I found it odd the women weren't relegated to that chore considering their view of women and all. I must have spent the next 30 minutes or so thinking of all the smartass comments I wished I had said when he said that. I said nothing and walked away giggling to myself. Ubm's must amuse themselves sometimes.


    You can learn a lot about prospective wives by the way they:

    Clean their service vehicle, vacuum the KH, highlight their WT, comment repeatedly, contribute $$$, volunteer for more work, answer without grabbing the microphone ( Ya gotta be married first..), STFU when Brothers are talking, arrive 15 minutes early, sit the entire time, stay 15 minutes after, watch the contribution box at the conventions, clean up trash in their assigned area, STFU when Brothers are talking, wear head coverings when 8 year old Brothers need help conducting meetings, serve food at construction projects, clean for a living, or work at Starbucks less than 20hrs a week, STFU, etc..


  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant thread @wake me!

    Very insightful and accurate indeed!

  • HeyLittleGirl
    The entire set up demotes us human beings as some scummy slaves who need to EARN their right to open their mouths when in the presence of others.

    Unless you're a female, then you NEVER get that right.

    Good post

  • LongHairGal


    I have been out many years and certainly did not see that broadcast. I would have puked if I had. I feel sorry for any sister who fell for this garbage.

    It sounds to me that not only is the religion hooked on loyalty nowadays but it sounds as if they are hoping to get hooked on servility as well.

    The whole thing sounds like they are full-on cult now and I'm glad I'm out.

  • stuckinarut2

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