My JW boyfriend broke up with me

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  • Vidiot

    I f you had to keep everything on the DL, you're better off, kiddo.

  • Incognito
    I feel guilty at the same time because i am the reason his family hates him right now and they even let the elders know.

    He chose to start a relationship with you, a non-JW. As a JW, he knew full well the consequences of a 'worldly' relationship. You are not the reason for his problems.

    He is 29 but acting as a child, continuing to allow his family to control every step of his life that he doesn't keep hidden from them. It appears to be acceptable to him that his sister took access to his phone and read through his private messages. And it is now acceptable to him to break off with you because his family found out and told him to break-it-off?

    If you can't contact him, does that mean they placed him on a type of 'curfew' and he lost his phone privileges?

    You both are adults but act like children who must meet in secret and do everything his mommy and daddy require. Your understanding and easy acceptance of this situation has not helped the relationship.

    When a couple is truly in love, almost nothing can separate them. There seems to be no indication that he has fought to keep his relationship with you but he (and you) appears to have accepted breaking-off with little or no effort to keep it alive.

    In entering the relationship with your eyes open and accepting the unusual conditions required, how long did you realistically expect the relationship would last?

  • OnTheWayOut

    So sorry to read of your loss, but you say "Now we have no choice but to stop..."

    So not true. He has plenty of other choices. But now you know that the religion is firmly in first place in his mind right now.

  • HappyBlessedFree

    I became a JW by dating someone who was raised a JW. I wish everyday of my life that I had never met him. After being a JW for over 25 years, now I have a family that is divided.

    I know it’s hard now but after time passes you will look back and be so glad it happened. Find someone who you can have a loving relationship without any conditions.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Ok so now go find yourself a normal person without the fu*ked baggage of a wacko religion!

    just saying!

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