Why so few XJWs online?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Not too long ago, I posted a topic where I pointed out that there are about 1 million xJWs alive right now. That number only represented the disfellowshipped ones... didn't account for those who had become publishers and left or anyone else who got hurt by that group by proxy.

    So, why are there so few of them online? For instance, Videos from Kim and Mike have 7 000 followers and John Cedars, 11 000. Compared to one million... these numbers are incredibly small.

    And yet... not so surprising... when I look around me, I personally know 12 xJWs. In that group, there is only one that goes online and do things. Thinking of the harm all of these people have suffered (and they suffered plenty), I find it amazing that they don't do anything online, where their voice would matter.

    I mean, think about it... if there were 1 million xJW regularly posting online....

    Anyways.. just a thought for the day.

  • elderINewton

    Everyone let's go in different ways. In addition not everyone can face their fears. Some run and done stand up, some do both. It's a mixed bag.

    In addition for many who let go they are done and never ever wish to look at again.

    I do think that there is a ton of exjws that don't know ttatt. Life got in that way

  • dubstepped

    It seems to me that most ex-JWs just want to forget the past and move on to a normal life. I'm getting there myself. They don't want to be a JW or ex for the rest of their lives, so they walk away from all of it, and I can't blame them.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Though I don't blame people for moving on with their lives, when I look at the damages that the watchtower actually causes in people's life, I do feel that there is a social responsibility that should not be ignored.

    I'm the type of person that will stop and help people who had minor accidents on the side of the road. Meanwhile, the greater majority will just keep on driving, relying on the fact that someone else like me will stop by and help.

    I think it is basically the same thing with the xJW community. Most move on and live their lives while others try to help.

  • JWdaughter

    I think most people who were in really didn't give a crap, so when they leave it's a non event or they just change churches like normal people. The really didn't buy in. They played the game, they didn't live it.

    US? We were schmucks and/or took it all way too seriously. We bought into it or we were harmed in the course of being involved or in becoming uninvolved. We are literally still recovering from the experience or in the middle of it or its just an indelible stain on our life and thinking.

  • no-zombie

    There could be a number of reasons why ex-witnesses don't get involved. I expect that many don't even know of this place as they were too scared to look while they were still in. And being disfellowshiped on the common grounds of porniea, most probably just carry in their new life knowing that they will go back. Some I expect still want to return to the congregation, family and friends .. and are thus still 'believers'. Overcome by depression or physical tiredness, people might just not have the energy to do anything of importance at all. And others like Ray Franz, were or are, waiting for the Organization to reform before making their move. How many leave the Society without being pushed, because of their own conscience may actually be a quite small percentage too.

    So perhaps the thousand or so members here, should be expected.

    Yet I am convinced, we the few, who take to time to make meaning posts, hit above our weight in helping those who dare to look in through the window. And I'm sure that despite the fact the we may be viewed as complainers and malcontents, the Governing Body knows we exist and we are a pain in their side.

  • dubstepped
    I get your desire to help and feel similarly. Not everyone is wired that way though. Also, many are in too much pain to help because they never worked it all out themselves. Many were dfed and had a sudden shock, they don't get therapy or any help, and they live in denial of the dub part of them. I had time to get out and it took years to do so. I got rid of the brainwashing. Most don't. It's just safer for them to shut the door on that messy room and pretend that it doesn't exist. We apostates are the minority.
  • Phizzy

    I know a number of XJW's who do not see that expending any more time and energy on the cult is as worthwhile as other activities they are engaged in.

    Two such people, unknown to each other it turns out ! are now involved in getting Justice for various groups, here in the U.K, and Internationally. Another is in the Medical field, they simply see what they now do as being far more important than worrying about an insignificant little cult.

    Not that they are unfeeling about the harm the cult has done and continues to do, but it is a matter of priorities.

    But I do admire and encourage anything that XJW's do to encourage those within to free themselves,and to make public the dangerous nature of the cult.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    When I left the org (I wasn't D/fd) I was glad to escape everything to do with JWs including ex JWs. I felt that way for about ten years but realizing that I was being shunned as if I was disfellowshipped, I looked on the net.

    Funnily enough it was a JW friend who showed me exactly where to look because he was a regular viewer of ex jw sites!

    As for the majority of ex witnesses I think many have put it down to experience and moved on. The half dozen or so friends of mine who have left the cult talk about it occasionally but are not interested in getting involved in campaigning against the Watchtower. Although on reflection, given the opportunity they might register a complaint.

    With two of my children still captive, I can't help loathing the religion.

  • OnTheWayOut
    So, why are there so few of them online?

    I beg to differ. Yes, there are "so few of them online" if you just compare them to those not online.
    I haven't really looked in quite awhile, but there are many many many more ex-Mormons and they barely made a presence online compared to ex-JW's.

    It would seem that, compared to just about any religious group, ex-JW's are the largest group of former members. (That is not a researched FACT, just an observance by me.)

    I think there are a higher percentage within the JW's that were as JWDaughter said: "We were schmucks and/or took it all way too seriously." Taking it so seriously made us need to find solidarity. Or even if some among our group didn't take it so seriously, we left behind loved ones that do take it so seriously, and we seek solidarity from others that understand.

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