Why so few XJWs online?

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  • LongHairGal


    Many people who post on here happen to like the online community. They are not necessarily bitter anymore. Many have been out for a long time. Some have family still in the religion and are concerned for them.

    Also, because of the secretive nature of the Jehovah's Witness religion, this and similar sites provide a very much needed place to come and vent and also to read about other people's bad experience in the religion. When I was in a crisis state and isolated with nobody to turn to, the many sites online plus the book Crisis of Conscience among others really helped me.

    I can't imagine why anybody would find anything wrong with this unless they are annoyed that the JW religion is being exposed. In my opinion, they are not being exposed enough!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Just my perspective....

    JW's are more of a fringe group then we probably realize. Sure, it was our entire life, but the JW experience, unique as it is, doesn't in my opinion have the same outside interest as Mormons (Money, greater numbers on the rolls) or Scientology (many celebrity sheeples) inspire, though it's easy for us to see the many similarities in control, activities, etc.

    Someone commented already that 'JWs do not attract thinkers.' Well said. A consequence of all of the "1914 Generation Won't Die" is the apathy bred. It seems that most who have left never cared that much to begin with. Those that do care or were neck deep in it (as I was) come online because we cared and probably continue to show that caring in the posts and conversations we choose to involve ourselves in.

    Let's face it, if you got involved due to mild amusement or just because the JW at your door happened to be more persuasive then average, your investment wasn't very big. So, no big deal to leave, fade/go inactive, whatever works for you. You probably weren't activist minded enough to knock on doors more than a couple of times a month, attend some meetings. Likely, your lifestyle didn't change too much as a result, so, why get online and vent when you didn't care that much to begin with.

    For my part, I've needed breaks. Lately, I am more at peace with my past, which allows me to hang around here with a different perspective to share. It also doesn't affect me like it once did to share my past.

  • Simon

    Another reality in 2017 that was different 20+ years ago ...

    Social media.

    Try what they want, the fact is that many (most?) people are now hooked up and can have links to other people. Being a JW now isn't as isolating as it was 30+ years ago IMO, not by a long way.

    That makes it easier to leave.

    You don't have to make new friends, you might already have them on facebook or wherever.

    I know some JWs will be good adherents and only have other JWs in their contacts, but I suspect they are a shrinking breed. Part of the diluting of the religion to make it more of a lifestyle / social group means that it inevitably becomes easier to leave as well.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Good point Simon. Come to think of it, with the dominance of social platforms, is it possible that forums like this may not be the first choice of an exiting JW who wishes to join a community? Is it trending that way?

  • LarryCope
    "Why so few XJWs online?"

    I left in '97 and online communities were in their infancy. I belonged for a short time a gay ex-JW group, but so many members were negative about how much time they'd been robbed of. I'd lost enough time ( 1979-1986 1991-1997 ) and I needed to heal myself. I, in fact, went on with life and it never occurred to me that others would take to You Tube or be online in communities such as this one.

    Periodically, I would check in on JW.org when it came up and looked at some of the productions. This was only due to the fact that I reconnected with a good friend who is till a JW. It's, literally, been recent that I began a more proactive online presence. I chalk this up to finally going to church after 20 years leaving the organization. It sickened me on Christianity and I turned my back on all of it.
  • ballistic

    I only started making a couple of posts a few days ago after several years. Back then there was a whole different crowd on here (though I see a few old faces on this thread). It's a good thing that people move on in my opinion. Over the years I've clicked back on this forum occasionally and seen the word "Watchtower" and just felt physically sick and clicked off the site again. That's a very clear and drastic example, but in many smaller ways, we all need to move on, and branch out, learn and grow.

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