Why so few XJWs online?

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  • darkspilver

    You could probably describe that as being apathetic towards the JWs.

    Probably kinder though to say that a lot of XJWs have a low level of interest in JWism in general.

    Like you say - occasionally they'll watch a youtube, they'll keep an eye on forums, keep track of things, but not much else.

  • JeffT

    My wife is a good example of an ex-XJW. When we first left (in 1988!) she was active in the xjw community. She spoke with me at the church we joined, and similar activities. As time went by she found better things to do, she taught preschool and ran therapy sessions for children of divorced parents. Now she's involved with various human rights groups. I think she's doing the absolute best thing to stick it to the WTBS: she's enjoying a real life.

  • darkspilver

    A constrast was made earlier in this thread regarding the ex-mormons....

    I note that - something that started with the ex-JWs - only became 'news-worthy' when the ex-mormons started copying the idea.... hmmmm....


  • StephaneLaliberte

    Life is too short: You're right that it is not every xJWs that are able to bring a "good" contribution online. It is true that JWs dis-fellowship a lot of people for bad reasons, but there are some who did get what was coming to them. And some should even have been reported to the police attention!

    JWdaughter: "I think most people who were in really didn't give a crap".

    Wouldn't that imply that most of those dis-fellowshipped would not care one way or the other about being disfellowshipped? Weather you believed sincerely in "the faithful and discreet slave" or got baptised to impress your friends and family... the consequence is the same: Loss of contact with your family and friends. Calling this a "Non even" sounds far fetched to me. Its not like they just cancelled their membership to their local fitness club!

    dubstepped: Many [...] never worked it all out themselves. [...] It's just safer for them to shut the door on that messy room and pretend that it doesn't exist.

    That hits right home for many of the xJW I personally know.

    Phizzy: Prioritizing other more meaningful causes... good point.

    Steve2: JW organization loses significantly more Witnesses to apathy than to apostasy.

    Though that sentence has a nice sound to it like a good catch phrase (I immediately liked it), when thinking about it a little more, sounds more like something the JW themselves would say. I believe that the source of apathy IS apostasy. People don't believe some teaching, can't express themselves in the cult, and become apathetic to it. I believe that a significant number who stay disfellowhipped after committing a sin already had some serious disagreement with the teachings. The sin became an excuse.

    Darkspilver: Top three youtubes of Kim Mikey, John Cedars and Christian Katja hit the million mark altogether. I think that NewYork44M is right that many xJWs simply look occasionally and if we could record all these visits, we would find them all there.

  • steve2

    "Kim Mikey - Top 3 YouTubes = Total 616,547 views
    John Cedars - Top 3 YouTubes = Total 330,439 view
    Christian Katja - Top 3 YouTubes = Total 147,870 views"

    Remember these are counts of total views which are not necessarily total numbers of individuals viewing them; that is, the same individuals may be viewing all 3 "Top" YouTubes. But yes, those are revealing totals.

    JW organization uses a similar count, boasting that so many hundred thousand visit JW.org each day - but that is an exaggeration because individuals may visit it on more than one occasion on any one day.

    A minor but relevant example: When I was awaiting the "release" of the 2017 Yearbook, I quickly visited JW.org several times a day over several days - that sure would have helped bump up their "numbers" over that time period.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    JeffT: You're right, time! I mean, I've been out for almost 4 years and I spend less time on JW content compared to when I first left. Perhaps in 10 years, I won't be online at all!

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Another point: Language! We are, for the most part, aware of other JWs who speak and contribute in English. Sure we get some translations here and there of xJWs in other countries, but the most visible to "us", are english ones. Perhaps there are much more xJW contribution on non-English websites, forums and news articles than we are actually exposed to.

  • darkspilver

    steve2: JW organization uses a similar count, boasting that so many hundred thousand visit JW.org each day - but that is an exaggeration because individuals may visit it on more than one occasion on any one day.

    haha! fascinaing how steve2 just so happens to bring this thread around to this week's study material from the God's Kingdom Rules! book



  • StephaneLaliberte

    yeah, well considering that they are 8 million JWs where at least half of them should have access to the internet... these numbers are not impressive at all.

  • Landy

    I bet the 750k daily hits also includes bots.

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