This is an absolute classic

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  • joe134cd

    This is an absolute must see for any exjw. So we'll done and absolutly halerious. Enjoy peeps

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    The JWs bang on about how there will be no natural affection in the last days but I think they exclude themselves from that "sign".

    How they can hear someone recently lost a parent and their immediate response isn't "sorry for your loss" or some other words of comfort beggars belief.

  • unsure

    Thanks for sharing!

    For a supposed life saving organization, they can't find someone to cover the switchboard/phones over the lunch hour? I guess it is time for another donation push!

  • steve2

    I must watch this when I’m back home. Thank you.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe its just me but I didn`t think it was hilarious at all ,not even that funny.

    However it may have been a little enlightening as to how JW HQ deals with callers .

    I will give that site another try just to see if they can do any better and I`ll let you know how it went.

    I did listen to another one ,but ??? Maybe it has its place in waking people up but ,I don`t think so.

  • shadow

    Really idiotic. Waste of time

  • baldeagle

    Not funny and a waste of time for sure.

  • Diogenesister

    Ha! It shows exactly where their priorities lay.

    No. Its not funny. Its darn right despicable. These innocent people believe they are working for god and everyone is your brother and sister when in reality they are being fleeced by a large corporation running a pyramid scheme.

  • steve2

    Contrary to Joe, I do not find the video at all hilarious and in fact this video left me far more sympathetic to the organization’s spokespeople. The caller’s story sounded increasingly far-fetched as the video progressed. How could any mother whose son is an active publisher who lives with her make no provision for her son in her will? At times the caller sounded little more than a bully and he needs to understand that if a party gifts their entire possessions and property to any organization, religious or otherwise, that organization cannot overturn a will on the basis of a phone call . It was absolutely ridiculous that the caller expected the JW spokesperson to do just that.

    Full marks to the brother who took the call. The caller needs to speak to an attorney. If he can afford to make a long distance call to the organization he can afford to contact legal aid in his state. He may be entitled to state run legal aid. An attorney would be able to advise him on his legal rights. If his deceased mother left everything to the organization and did not specifically exclude her son from the will, he can apply via an attorney to the courts to let a judge decide what he could be legally entitled to. It is not a question for the organization to decide - given it was his mother’s expressly worded will.

    BTW, given he lived with his mother, I find it unbelievable she would not have left him anything at all.

    The caller who made this fake call needs to learn a few telephone manners. He shouted at the JW representative who simply answered the best he knew.

  • unsure

    The title of the video says "prank call".

    Although satire, it does bring attention to reports of people willing their money and assets to the corrupt Watchtower corporation and leaving next to nothing for their families.

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