The awful treatment of my disfellowshipped cousin still continues

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  • Exelder

    Rolls eyes. I honestly don';t care what the bible says.



    I deleted my post because I thought that someone agreed with the conduct of the WTBTS. Then, I realized that they were disagreeing with Tenacious's comment about literal Hell.

  • Exelder

    Yes. I feel for your cousin. I lost everything including my family and grandchildren I have never even seen from this cult.

    It was the stupid comment about burning in hell and gleefully wanting people to burn and be punished that I was objecting to, not your post.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Divide and conquer seems to be the intent. Criminal organization.

  • john.prestor

    I couldn't care less what the Bible says Jesus said either. Let's keep on topic here, and it looks like we are, now.

    Exelder5 minutes ago
    Yes. I feel for your cousin. I lost everything including my family and grandchildren I have never even seen from this cult.

    In the 13 years that I have posted here, there are a couple of posts about the treatment of my cousin. The way he was treated at his mom's funeral 10 years ago, his grandfather's funeral and hospital visit, and now this. I'm sorry you have been through the same treatment. It was after my cousin's mom's funeral ( she was my first cousin) that made me wake up to this cruel religion.

    No one deserves to be treated this way!


    Here is a post about the same cousin at his grandfather's hospital visit 7 years ago.

    Terrible conduct by congregation Elders in hospital room !

    My uncle was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday with severe stomach pain. (He was diagnosed with colon cancer one year ago. The doctors, family,and my uncle decided against colon surgery. They felt that at the age of 86 he would not survive the surgery.)

    The doctors told the family that he had less than two days to live and to call the rest of the family and spend the remaining time with him at the hospital.

    The family called my uncle's grandson to inform him that his grandfather had less than two days to live. He was disfellowshipped ten years ago and was treated like a leper since. He really loved his grandfather. This is what happened at the hospital:

    My disfellowshipped cousin,his girlfriend and immediate family are all in the hospital room with his grandfather( who is heavily medicated but seems to recognize everyone.) I'm in the lounge area with other family members taking turns visiting. The elevators open and three Elders from his congregation come to visit and spend the remaining moments with my uncle.

    The Elders walk in the hospital room and see that my disfellowshipped cousin is in the room and decide not to greet him. They talk to my uncle and the immediate family in the room for over twenty minutes and decide to offer a prayer.

    They tell my cousin to please leave the room. His girlfriend says to the Elders,"Why should he leave the room? That's his grandfather." They tell her that this is a ''spiritual matter'' and that he has to leave the room. My cousin walks out and proceeds to tell me what just happened.

    I guess the self-righteous Elders felt that if he was in the room the prayer would never be heard by Jehovah or the holy spirit would be blocked! What terrible conduct by the Elders and the WTS!

  • Lynnie

    Boy I can relate! I've been DF'd for 40 years and shunned the whole time BUT this past year my uber elder cousin decided it was time for me to help with my aging mother's care and oh now I'm no longer shunned at least for all the heavy lifting part of the stuff like clearing out her house when she moved to a retirement home. Funny how the rules change when they decide it's okay to associate with me. And during this time they were very much in contact blah blah. Now that my mother has passed away of course they no longer need me and the silence has begun again.

    Funny how they can decide when it's okay and when it's not. Feel the love!!!

  • Xanthippe

    I'm sorry for your cousin, that treatment is disgusting. Of course his family shouldn't see his baby without him, how dare they ask!

    You ask how long disfellowshipped people can be treated like this. I d'aed thirty years ago last week and I'm still shunned by my siblings. They didn't see my daughter until she was nine and only then because it was our mother's funeral. It's an evil cult!

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