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  • OnTheWayOut
    My guess is in 5 years time. But as I mentioned, with family still in, everything is up in the air right now.

    Welcome, welcome. I wanna say- a fade is a progressive action. Mine was pretty fast. Some people are even faster and able to walk away instantly and not be DF'ed. But if those are not the case, I hope you can still make some progress. You already fake some time. It would be great to get that M.S. monkey off your back. Maybe you could become irregular or even inactive and get fired. Maybe you could blow off some CLAM where you have a part and offer the poorest of excuses- "I took a nap after dinner and never woke up for the meeting."

    With no wife and no kids, sure you want to keep your family. But is it possible to fade out also? Or to at least work toward being so irregular and undependable as far as meetings go, having no responsibilities but to sit there at half or less than half of the meetings and skip the rest of them? Instead of 5 years, you could be at that point in 1 year.

    But if you don't do that, I get it. Good luck to you either way.

  • Diogenesister

    Hi GG !! Take your time and do what's best for YOU and yours!

    I so get that that you have to be cautious when the people you love are held 'captive to a concept'...heartbreaking story we know so well.


  • jhine

    A warm welcome Grey Goose ,


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello grey--welcome to the site.

    you mention youre a MS---can i ask if that means you have a specific role--like--passing the microphone or ordering literature ? the reason i ask is i'm soo far out of the loop i just dont know what goes on in the kingdumb hall any more.

  • KateWild

    Welcome Grey Goose,

    Very happy to know you are awake, but also very sorry to know you have been trapped in a cult for three years knowing it's all nonsense.

    But there are a few on the board that are awake and have been religiously attending WT for a number of years. For me I couldn't listen to the nonsense, and I am in constant pain being so isolated, but going to the KH would be worse for me.

    I suppose we are all different and need to leave in our own way.

    Welcome again

    Kate xx

  • lurkernomore

    Welcome GG, so good to see more people are waking up to TTATT.

    I hope your fade works out well for you.

  • DJS

    Grey Goose,

    Welcome. I don't know how you can put up with the Dark Lords' nonsense for 5 more minutes, much less 5 years. You are a better man than I. Once I was sick of the Dark Lords and their ever present mind numbing control - as well as the hate I saw in every congregation - I couldn't hide it.


    "Sordid" did you say? "Fully awake" is sordid? What is sordid is that you, Grey Goose and Stuckinarut (see"

    A sincere message to those from the organisation monitoring my posts….")

    would be DFed if the elder wraiths found out you were on this site. At the least you would lose your 'privileges' (sordid much) and be 'marked' (sordid very much), resulting most likely in the BOE assigning a committee of 3 (judicial committee - sordid very much) to determine your guilt of 'apostasy' (vomit caliber sordid) and possibly DFed (the pièce de ré·sis·tance of sordid).

    But stick around MakeMeAnUnbeliever, I believe we are in the process of doing so (MakingYouAnUnbeliever). And that is excellent.

  • jookbeard
    welcome GG
  • punkofnice

    Hi Goosey. Welcome.

    All things change. All is in flux. Your life will change and one day you'll escape the bOrg.

    Wishing you well. PJ

  • stillin

    Here is a challenge to an active MS: next time you have a speaking part on the meeting, try arranging your words so that you don't say anything that goes against your personal conscience. I have been there and it's almost fun. Good mental floss.

    Welcome to this forum!

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