All About The Words We Used

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  • Saethydd

    They would proudly call it the "language of the Truth"

  • eyeuse2badub

    My absolute favorite is;

    THEOCRATIC WARFARE. To a normal person this means a war involving a government that claims to be 'god ruled'.

    To a jw it means; it's okay to lie if the wt says so!

    just saying!

  • stuckinarut2

    "Spirituality" = "how much Witness activity one engages in...."

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    blood guilt my fault that Jah would have to kill non jws

  • Zaccheus

    We should start a JW GLOSSARY!

    Here's a few more entries:

    GREAT CROWD. A group of people, numbering into the millions, who will survive the Almighty's wrathful execution of the wicked during Armageddon and live continuously from this world into the 'new world.' (Actually only 0.1% of mankind, so how great is that?)

    OTHER SHEEP. Another name for above 'GREAT CROWD,' but specifically applied to those among mankind who are approved for surviving Armageddon, but who are not of the 'heavenly class' of anointed individuals who survive the execution to be transformed into spirit creatures and kings in another realm known as 'heaven.' (Which brings us to. . .)

    THE ANOINTED. An exclusive class of people, numbering 144,000, who are preserved for life in heaven as kings and pries who will rule and judge with Jesus Christ for 1,000 years over the earth during its restoration to perfect order under the Kingdom of God. (Which brings us to. . .)

    THE NEW EARTH. Formerly known as 'the New Order,' or 'the New System,' this is the Earth restored to its perfect state as pictured in the Book of Genesis's Garden of Eden, where the Kingdom of God will oversee the return of humankind living in balance with nature with complee regulation of authority by Yahweh.

    THE NEW HEAVENS. Also known as the Kingdom of God, the governmental structure of heavenly rule over the new earth that (does what exactly?)

    Wow, the more I try to define this stuff, the more it sounds like science fiction or fantasy reads.

  • stuckinarut2

    "fleshly" brother, as opposed to a "spiritual" brother....

    You know, what a witness has to say to differentiate when talking of their literal "brother" (sibling)

  • pale.emperor

    The World: When talking to my ex-wife i use the term "the real world" so as to make a clear differentiation. e.g. "It's easier in the real world."

    Anointed ones/the remnant: Crazies who think they're going to heaven to be a king and priest with Jesus.

    Faithful ones: Those who've had once in a lifetime opportunities and didn't take them because they're in a cult.

    Your valuable things: MONEY! e.g. "Honor Jehovah with your valuable things" (this seems to be used a lot lately).

    Privilege: A chore that no elder wants to do so now you get to do it.

    Gods chariot: The ever changing ideas ramblings of 6 old men in New York who have no training whatsoever in theology.

    Babylon: Any other religion. I mean, how dare they come to a different conclusion from us!!

    King of the South: Who knows?

    King of the North: Who cares?

    Gog: Depends when you were born, when i was in it was Satan, but i think it's since changed to Governments that Satan is using.

  • tiki

    Letter of recommendation......when a person you studied with, "brought into the truth" gets dunked.

    Past the bloom of especially annoying depiction of proper age to marry...universally ignored by teenage dubs anxious to experience the wonders of multiple orgasms

  • Phizzy

    They use subtle phrases to introduce their Mind Control too, one of them you rarely here outside of the Borg is :

    " Right hearted individuals ............".

  • Rainbow_Troll


    In my quest for the truth I investigated psychic phenomena, parapsychology, OBEs because I thought it a more scientific (and therefore reliable) approach to answering metaphysical questions than consulting the Bible. And so of course I was accussed of the heinous sin of spiritism; but when I asked my accussers to define just what they meant by 'spiritism' they could never give me a clear answer.

    I looked up the word in the dictionary and found that it refers to mediumship, table-tapping, and similar chicanery. Well, that certainly didn't describe anything I was doing. Even back then, I knew that psychic mediums were con artists.

    I tried to explain all this to the brothers, but their minds were closed. Reading books on the paranormal was spiritism (unless you bothered to consult a dictionary), which made me ipso facto a witch in league with Satan.

    Some time after that I had my first OBE (which was totally fucking awesome, BTW) and was foolish enough to tell my mom about it. According to her, the demons were now trying to rip me out of my body so they could take possession of the vacated cadavre! I tried, in vain, to explain how silly that was and that it wasn't even consistent with her own theological beliefs; but to no avail.

    Ah, religion...

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