All About The Words We Used

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  • HappyGal


    For a JW---- Awake is a magazine to be read and distributed.

    For a former JW---- Awake is someone who knows about TTATT.

  • blondie



    In olden days a soldier/guard would be stationed on the top of a tower to watch for the enemy being able to see the dust of the army marching towards a city.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Any arrangement or behavior that was approved of was considered "theocratic". Any person or arrangement that did not fall in line was referred to as "untheocratic".


    A reference to your spirituality as opposed to your needing triple-bypass surgery.


    A resident of a house or apartment that was being visited out in field service.


    Going out in the door to door preaching.

  • schnell

    @Village Idiot, I told a co-worker they call it "going out in service". He laughed.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    @Village Idiot, I told a co-worker they call it "going out in service". He laughed.

    I had a co-worker challenge me to tell him the special phrase the JWs use in the d to d work. He became quiet when I told him "field service".

    Another co-worker laughed when I told him that JWs use the phrase "The Truth". He said "What does that mean - that we're in the lie?" He kept joking about it for the next several weeks. Every time he saw me he would say "Hey brother, we're in the lie!"

  • scratchme1010

    Loving the world: That is supposed to be a sign that you are in complete spiritual peril and in a path to destruction of your own doing, with no one else to blame but yourself. It also means that you are not worthy of being seen as a respectable JW in good standing.

    When talking to a counselor I asked her what would she say If I say "I love the world". She said that to her it means that you are in good spirit or feel happy. I explained to her what it means in JW-ese, and realized then that simple expressions mean something so way off what they really are supposed to mean for normal people.

  • smiddy

    Goats : Everybody outside of the "truth" were goat like people.

    Babylonish people as was philistines ,also to describe worldly people .

  • ab.ortega

    privilege to non-JWs: a special advantage or a right

    privilege to a JW : cleaning the toilets

  • eyeuse2badub

    soon to a normal person means--well soon, To a jw it means never!

    evidently to a normal person that means facts, evidence to back it up. To a jw it means conjure up some random events and give them meaning!

    jehovah to a normal person means the war god of the nomadic ancient hebrews. To a jw it means everything.

    jesus to a normal person means a person who lived a peaceful, inspiring life and encouraged others to do the same. To a jw it means nothing!

    just saying!

  • Vidiot

    Jeezus, at this point, it's a whole other f**king language that just happens to use English(-ish) words.

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