Fifteen years later, I went to the UN in person.

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  • biblexaminer

    Of all the things that the Watchtower has done wrong, what would you say is the singular most powerful thing that you could point a JW to, to crack their eyes open?

    What is the singular thing that can be expressed bluntly and conclusively that might shock a JW to their senses?

    If you could only carry one arrow in your quiver on your way to war with Watchtower, what would it be?

    I appreciate the child abuse stuff, and understand that it is essential to deal with it for the sake of those who suffer.

    I know all about the false prophecies etc and this stuff can work in freeing a JW mind from WTS prison. And there's much else.

    But I have long felt it is the United Nations affair that cracks them over the head and leaves no possibility for reply.

    I felt this way when I first heard about it on H2O (for they who remember that)

    That's why, when I first heard about it, I called the UN and spoke to Paul Hoeffel and asked for proof to be composed and sent. We immediately received this and put this up on the web for viewing.

    Later the UN issued more letters, some being placed right on the UN Official website for quite some time.

    Ah... but Watchtower lies, and lies and lies still.

    So, after 15 years, I felt it was necessary to fly there and confront this issue in person. And that's what I did, towing my better half along.

    We sat in the conference room with a pair of officers for almost 2 hours. I asked for the "Application" as I expressed that I, as a constituent of Watchtower was entitled to see it, now that I was there in person. I was ready to log onto my account at to prove it.

    Yes Watchtower, I freaking did this, you losers. I know you are listening. So go to hell. The GB will swing.

    It was repeated to me, the basic content of the letter of Jan. 24, 2002 issued by the UN and signed by Shashi Tharoor received by my partner at the time.

    "I should like to inform you that it is the policy of the DPI of the UN to keep correspondance between the UN and NGO's applying for ASSOCIATION with DPI confidential."

    The officer verified to me at the table that the file was in his office and that the signed application was close by, but that I could not see it. It was at this point that he suggested that he could offer to send to me, copies of all of the articles, the "spiritual food" that Watchtower composed and "submitted to the UN DPI when applying for and renewing their AFFILIATION."

    I thought I'd hit the jackpot. I was going to get "THE LIST" with copies!! I left that conference room with a renewed sense of hope.

    I had one copy already. I have posted it below. This was sent to us by the UN DPI in a thick envelope. This was from the request to Paul Hoeffel.

    Now, the man who offered me this willingly did not keep his word. I waited a long time until I emailed him and reminded him of his "religiosity", his personal form of worship (we discussed in conference) and reminded him of his word. After almost two months of his foot dragging, he finally responded to this email and swore he would keep his word as a 'representative of the United Nations'.

    I never heard from him again. I suspect his superiors slammed it down as this chapter was an embarrassing one for the UN. They probably want this thing to die.

    So, I am here to fan the flames. Too many persons have 'got out' because of this information and Watchtower keeps lying.

    Are we going to let Watchtower get away with their lies?

    In the letter from Shashi Tharoor it closes with this.

    "I expect that you will share this information with your concerned colleagues as we are unable to address the scores of duplicate requests regarding the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that are being directed to our offices. Thank you for your interest in the work of the United Nations." Shashi Tharoor cc:Mr. Corell, Ms Sorensen, Ms. Gastaut, Ms. Al-Mughairy, Mr. HOEFFEL

    It seems pretty clear to me that the way to motivate "Felipe" to keep his word, is for there to be "scores of duplicate requests" for "Felipe" to do what he said he would.

    Please, tell the UN DPI that we need this information. And if Felipe has not done what he said he would because his superiors have tied his hands, then tell the UN to FREE FELIPE


    Ph. 1-212-963-7234 NGO Resource Centre

    Ph. 1-212-963-7233 NGO Research Centre

    Contact Page

    Email [email protected]


    UN DPI

    801 1st Avenue, New York, NY

    10017, USA

  • biblexaminer



    Ph. 1-212-963-7234 NGO Resource Centre

    Ph. 1-212-963-7233 NGO Research Centre

    Contact Page

    Email [email protected]

    UN DPI 801 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10017 USA

  • OnTheWayOut
    what would you say is the singular most powerful thing that you could point a JW to, to crack their eyes open?

    The UN thing, they will say, was just for the Library card.

    I would go with flip flopping on "generation" as Armageddon never arrived according to their timetable and mostly to the laughable "overlapping generation."

  • Tameria2001

    I remember pointing this out to my JW mother, and no matter what I told her, she wouldn't believe it, even with the proof right there in front of her. She reminded me of those three monkeys, you know the ones that have their eyes, mouth, and ears covered.

  • smiddy

    Iknow those three Watchtower monkeys ," Hear no truth ,see no truth , speak no truth"

  • Fernando

    Somehow for me personally, nothing ever penetrated fully, until the ruling religious clergy class in my "congregation" attacked me and my family.

    We were attacked and threatened for choosing to believe in the good news as defined and outlined in their own publications.

    They were also highly offended and alarmed because I once dared to ask a simple question: "what is the gospel in one word?"

    We were agreeing with the electronic Watchtower library and were attacked for this.

    The issue was the same as in the 1980 Bethel witch-hunt and purge: the liberating gospel of grace versus apostate legalism.

    Due to my experience, these are my favourite questions to help a JW, especially when they are doing the tolley-folley work:

    1. How long have you been a "publisher of the good news"?
    2. According to the good news, is a right and clean standing with God earned or imputed?


    The response is a confused deer-in-the-headlights look as the cognitive dissonance kicks in overdrive.

    Then their answer "earned" demonstrates they have never heard nor published the good news.

    Then I give them a shocked look of disbelief, with a long pause: "no it is imputed as a free gift".

    If the person is honest-hearted and sincere I then recommend they search for and highlight the words righteous and righteousness in Paul's letters especially to the Galatians.

  • Fernando

    (Galatians 2:16) . . .a man is declared righteous, not due to works of law, but only through faith toward Christ Jesus. . .

    (Galatians 2:21) . . .for if righteousness is through law, Christ actually died for nothing. . .

    (Galatians 3:11) . . .by law[keeping] no one is declared righteous with God. . .

    (Galatians 5:4) . . .YOU are parted from Christ, whoever YOU are that try to be declared righteous by means of law[keeping]; YOU have fallen away from his undeserved kindness. . .

    (Romans 3:28) . . .a man is declared righteous by faith apart from works of law. . .

    (Ephesians 2:8, 9) . . .By this undeserved kindness you have been saved through faith, and this is not of your own doing; rather, it is God’s gift. No, it is not a result of works, so that no one should have grounds for boasting.

  • jookbeard

    its a great arrow to have, library card only they may say? I say The UN's library is open to the public.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    No single falsehood would open many J.W.'s eyes, but at least it could be the thin edge of the wedge for them.

    After a recent discussion with an elder at a trolley in which he immediately denied what I said was claimed in his literature - but then agreed after 5 minutes - I now rank this as my favourite "thin edge" -

    Based on their interpretation of John 5:29, the society teaches that individuals will be "practicing vile things" during Christ's 1000 years reign. Therefore, how can it possibly be a paradise if people are going to be permitted to practice vile things? (it-2 p. 789; re chap. 41 p. 300 par. 16; rs p. 338 par. 1; bh p. 214 par. 3; uw chap. 9 p. 76 par. 12; w82 4/1 p. 25 par. 18 w78 9/1 p. 22 par. 9)

    The elder's squirming was a revelation.

  • Vidiot
    The Searcher - "...The elder's squirming was a revelation."

    Nothing wrong with indulging in a little schadenfreude from time to time. :smirk:

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