Fifteen years later, I went to the UN in person.

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  • Fernando

    Yup, Crazyguy...

    Trussell it seems was right after all...

    Oh, the depth of the darkness that envelops those who dare to stop reading Trussell's "Studies in the Scriptures"...

  • Fernando

    And then there are millions like myself who have never read a single page of these books - the finest ever written...

  • Vidiot
    biblexaminer - "... I still wanted to believe that the Org was the place to be."

    I remember that feeling.

    Prior to my fade, I had reached a point where I was actively (and retrospectively, in quiet desperation) looking for something - anything - that would still prove the WTS was right...

    ...and every chain of evidence or reasoning was still leading to the opposite conclusion.

    I - as you said - wanted to believe that the Org was the place to be... until I was honest with myself, and realized why I felt that way.

    It wasn't because I wanted "the Truth" to be true, it was because I was afraid of not being in "the Truth"...

    ...i.e., my own sense of personal integrity (and - ironically - the Org's own stated standards) would require that I leave the JWs, which I knew would make life considerably more difficult for me.

  • biblexaminer

    Vidiot: How would you say your life was " considerably more difficult " ?

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