Fifteen years later, I went to the UN in person.

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  • biblexaminer

    Interesting replies, especially from those who have put their suggestions to work "in the field".

    That said, I am hoping for a little activist froth. I think that having the complete list of articles submitted to the UN will go to demonstrate conclusively that the Watchtower intended to curry favor with the United Nations.

    They used their publications, that which is supposed too be "spiritual food at the proper time" for Christ's flock, to feed, not the flock, but the Scarlet Colored Wild Beast.

    Is anyone interested in seeing The List?

    Please use the UN contact page, or the telephone to motivate their action.

  • BluesBrother

    Fifteen years ago I was just about out enough to believe that the accusations of U N implication were likely true. I wrote to U S A and received the standard "library card" letter. Importantly it also heavily implied that the rules had changed since they joined,in good faith and now they noticed - they had quit.

    Due to pressure, the U N posted a letter on their site stating that no rules had been changed.

    That was it ! Caught in a whopper of a lie . The only people interested in this were us , and the active dubs who needed to know. I courageously told the family and the only close friend who would not shop me as "apostate" . You can guess the result. Complete disinterest, with eyes glazing over in boredom. "The Society have answered it, so what's your problem" was the attitude.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I believe that Watchtower's interest in the UN was that they were hoping to curry favor with the UN so that:

    (a) They would be spared when the UN turned on religion.

    (b) They would be the instrument that Jehovah would use to put his "one thought" in the mind of the UN to attack false religion.

  • biblexaminer

    Blues brothers. I hear ya.

    That is exactly why I went to the UN. That is exactly why I am stirring this pot. That's it in a nutshell. You are singing my song here.

    What those who say "big deal" don't get is that Watchtower publications were designed for and submitted to the UN DPI.

    They can ignore much. The question is, can they ignore the Awake, or the other articles, that extol the UN and which were submitted to the UN.

    Why has the UN got copies of all these articles that so bravely extol the virtues of the UN?

    Can they ignore that? I think not so easily.

    Can they answer the question Why would the GB send a brother from 25 Columbia Heights across town to the UN to bring them Awake magazines. Was the UN on their magazine route?

    Isnt the UN the enemy that is supposed to attack us JDubs soon? Why are we giving the enemy articles, and articles that praise them?

  • Crazyguy

    Fernando, Fernando, Fernando, don't you get it yet?, the New Testament was written only for the anointed and yes they do have the free gift of grace but the lowly jonadab class has to earn it by giving thier time money and lives in service to the GB.

    You must repent brother and go back and be a slave to earn salvation, and don't forget the most important thing in all this is they need your money!

  • schnell

    @Island Man, heh. I like how God's will has to be instigated.

  • Happeanna

    It might be a small thing but it always bugged me, that they used to charge interest when they loaned the congregation money. That they said we are not like other churches passing around a collection plate... No what they do is worse. The focus on money was ridiculous and I hear it's getting worse.

    lots of things bugged me growing up as a JW but it was the offensive way they spoke about worldly people not seeing the rafter in their own eyes

    the new light is an offensive and cruel argument it makes JW heartless especially the changes in blood, the denial about saying 1975 was when Armageddon was due .

  • Londo111

    Good work, biblexaminer.

    This issue has helped many to wake up.

  • schnell

    I just remember being a little kid who had to study this in the early 90s, then again years later, maybe once more if I'm not misremembering, and again when they revised some text.

    I wasn't an adult who'd been in the truth for years. "Revelation: Its Grand Climax At Hand" came out when I was 3. You don't get to show me that, repeatedly, and then lie about your involvement with the United Nations.

  • biblexaminer

    Happeanna, I have used those things many times. They are very useful. I have to add, that bringing this stuff up, any of it, makes JWs skin crawl. It's like peeing on their security blanket. They will talk to you less, and talk to others ABOUT you more.

    I think the result is different if you tell a dub that the UN has a list of Watchtower literature and if they are curious, then you can add that Brooklyn willingly supplied it to the UN.

    Go from there.

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