Fifteen years later, I went to the UN in person.

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  • biblexaminer

    Schnell, thanks for the pics. It really brings it home. I was sitting at the Silverdome in Pontiac Mich, USA and I remember it like yesterday that the Rev. Climax book was released. I hit that thing with enthusiasm.

    It didn't take long, I began to see conflicts.

    So I wrote to the Society about one. You can guess their answer to my pointing out to them of the conflict found in the book.

    2 Timothy and foolish questioning our dear bro.

    I could see right then their destain for the truth. I also could see how the elders reacted demonstrated that they were 'men pleasers'.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Great to go to the UN for yourself....Now, what I'm waiting for is someone to go to Jerusalem & find out the real date of it's destruction....I can't go at this time because of I'm a caregiver. Who else would know when they were doubt they have the real truth...Wonder how many JW's went to Jerusalem & never thought to ask or did ask & found out it was not 607 or 609, I forget....The org. can discredit all information that comes from the world but from the actual place ...NO....& if there were any information that was found in Jerusalem, how would the org. re-act....


  • schnell
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    The UN thing, they will say, was just for the Library card.

    And I would respond by saying that "having a library card is no reason to ride the beast".

    Still, I believe that 1914 is the best way to go. However, there's a new generation of Witnesses who were never exposed to the last 1914 doctrine so they may not care.

  • biblexaminer

    When it comes to talking to to dubs about stuff that will open their eyes, it's almost always true that they will stick the sHtick to you. The trick would be to make the sHtick stick to them, so they can take it with them when they go.

    If you talk to them about the Generations teaching, a real piece of garbage that they have swallowed, they will just stick it on you that YOU have a bad attitude and need to adjust your thinking.

    If you talk to them about the child molestation issues, they will say that YOU have a bad attitude and need to learn to wait in Jehovah.

    But if you tell them that the United Nations has a list of Watchtower articles on file, their curiosity is peaked.

    "Why would they have that?" they would ask? "Are they preparing to try to destroy us?"

    "How do you know this?" ..might be their next question, to which you can reply "I called them..." and/I received a letter and some copies of our articles from the UN.

    I cannot imagine how they can make this factoid stick to YOU.

    And it's just getting going. You add "The brothers from Brooklyn drove across town to the UN to deposit them regularity for a decade."

    Just facts. Facts don't stick to you. Facts stick to them. And they take the sHtick with them when they go.

    "What possible purpose could the brothers have?" they might opine in disbelief.

    The door is wide open. The proof is undeniable. Open up he articles in the bound volumes. Gently give a few more factoids regarding the content and the purpose.

    The facts have nothing to do with the messenger. They exist all on the own. It's not a matter of opinion. It's a smoking gun pointing to the GB's betrayal of all dubs.

    Once this is in their ear, it's never coming out.

  • tor1500

    Hi Schnell,

    Thanks for the info. The org. can poke holes in this article because of it's from a worldly professor & in a Univ. in America...they will say, that's worldly info....I'm talking about documents from Jerusalem....a professor in Jerusalem. Something from their museums, their documents. Even though they would love to poke holes in could they, it's coming from the mother land it self...

    Has anyone on this site, ever been to Jerusalem...if I had the $$$, I'd like to do just what the person who wrote this topic did...go see for myself...

    Who better than Jerusalem would know when they were destroyed....As they say go to the source...The org. would never accept anything from the USA regarding the fall of Jerusalem. I have an old set of Encylopedia's & they don't mention 607....but again, the org. would say, it's influenced by Satan...but what if...actual documents were supplied from Jerusalem it/themselves...that would be pretty difficult for the org.

    Anyway, as many say on here...That's my 2 cents...


  • schnell

    The org would reject a page from Ray Franz's book for numerous other reasons as well. :p They can and do reject anything.

  • baker

    I remember reading in William Schnell,s book "30years a watchtower slave", he mentioned a question that can never be answered by JW,s honestly. It was concerning the Rich man and Lazaraus story and was If Jesus knew that being conscious after death and being in torments was one of satan,s lies (as pointed out by numerous WT articles) why would he use it as an illustration and never explain it for 1870+ years? Jesus used one of Satan,s lies to tell a story! How bizarre...

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Biblexaminer: I have been on this site for 10 years and have left only three years ago. During all that time, i knew about the U.N, the failed prophecies, the pedophilia, Ray Franz, blood card, Malawi, Beth Sarim, Russell's wife, Russell's proximity to the Freemason, the pyramids teachings. In addition, I have seriously been mistreated left and right by scores of brothers and sisters through the year. And despite ALL of that, I stayed 7 years.

    Why? Well, I felt at the time that they still did more good than harm. You see, for me, going door to door was about encouraging people to pursue righteousness. Even if they didn't like our message, just by our very presences on their street, they could be reflecting on their own personal choices in regards to religion, God, doing good, etc. So, I felt happy about that.

    It is only when I realized that I could not teach my kids my take on the whole matter that it broke me. How could I tell my kids: Sure, the society is wrong about 607 but focus on the good things when I could actually be disfellowshipped for saying something like that. Would i put the future of my family at risk because some man in NY require ABSOLUTE authority while openly admitting that they are not inspired? This brought me to realize that this organization actually lacked the very quality concerning which they contently bragged about: Love.

    They were like trump saying: Nobody respect more woman than I do!

  • biblexaminer

    StephaneL thanks for that. I totally understand. I really do. I understand the whole thought process. I am sure there are many, many persons going through it right now.

    I can remember how I felt, when I first began to see stuff. I remember, even when I received a reply from the branch that told me to shut up and sit down, that somehow, some way, they would 'come around'. I still wanted to believe that the Org was THE place to be.

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