What Privileges do you get when you are baptized ?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Wow! what that word "privilege" has come to mean to jw's! Yes what a "privilege" it would be for a jw parent to see their child die due to the f*cked blood policy of the wtbts! Yes the "privilege" to know that their child died "faithful to jehober", indeed!

    When I was 12 years old, back in 1959, I got baptized so that I could have the "privilege" of reading the watchtower at the kingdom hall. Yep, they let kids, like me, read the watchtower. I was jealous of my friend who got baptized when he was 11 and got to start reading the watchtower at the meeting when he turned 12. 12 must have been the 'magic' age in our congregation for receiving "privileges"! LOL

    just saying!

  • carla

    From a fellow ubm (unbelieving mate) I am sorry for what you will have to deal with going forward with a jw.

    You said, "He has tried LOL :) but thank goodness I am as stubborn as a ox ..... the rules in the house are , u leave your religion at the front door & the children are off limits till they are old enough to decide for them selves ........ the kids do not go to his side of the family unsupervised at all & no Jdubs allowed in my house ...."-

  • Giordano
    Thanks for the reply's everyone , far less annoying than asking my husband.

    Now that was LOL!

    Yes your husbands families mass leaving and then returning is a little creepy. Sounds like someone in the family is pulling the strings.

    Along with your good rules to protect your kids here are some other things to consider:

    There are certain dangers raising children within a JW influenced household.

    Number one the Ban on a life saving blood transfusion......my wife and I would never allow our child to stay over at either of our Mom's if we were out of town should an accident or or whatever would happened.

    One meeting a week at their choice is more then enough if that.

    No matter how loving...... a JW is compromised when it comes to blood. This belief is not shared with any other religion including the most rabid Orthodox Jew.

    The JW pedophile problem is statistically as bad as the Catholic church. There is a bond of trust among the JW's that is unrealistic. In fact some have called it a 'pedophile paradise' because you need two witnesses to the sexual assault to bring to the Elders. Once brought to the Elders they had a policy of not notifying the police for the past decades. Now the tide is turning and A lot of people have been exposed and there are a lot of criminal indictments.

    The WTBTS has always been reckless with the health, welfare and education of it's members. The lack of higher Education indicates that they are missing out on the better paying jobs leaving them as the lowest earning religion.

    As many can tell you on this forum children are greatly influenced by other children especially those who are raised as JW's. So make sure their school experiences, especially sports and after school activities balance out the JW world view. Birthdays are a must. That is a child's special day.

    They should be encouraged to associate with decent school and neighborhood kids to keep them normal.

    Being a JW means you are in a dangerous cult........ you will need to be ever watch full.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i can never understand the marriage dynamic of husband being the dub and the wife not. usually the other way round. used to be called the opposed husband...although in most cases the husband wasnt opposed...just couldnt care less.

    so you "opposed" wives---just remember who rules the roost at home--despite what the watchtower may like to say. "sitting on a gold mine" comes to mind.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    LOLS: which we all know they are not allowed to get divorced ...

    Sorry to bring this up, but if he believes you pose a serious threat to his spiritual welfare, he is allowed to leave you. He will than wait patiently for you to find another mate in order to have his scriptural divorce and remarry.

    My suggestion would be to actually take the bible study with him and present your position until: a) He becomes discouraged and stops, b) you win him over.

    The kid is young, and so, it is not a problem, yet. However, as soon as he is old enough to understand, it will become problematic very quickly.

  • EverApostate

    Privilege is a misnomer in the JW world. In simple terms, that is Free Labor you provide to the Watchtower.

    Recruiting others, which is called Field Service, Congregational responsibilities which includes a whole ton of activities for the WT, preparing for meetings and conventions and free Labor during conventions are all termed as Privileges in JW dom.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My suggestion would be to actually take the bible study with him and present your position until: a) He becomes discouraged and stops, b) you win him over.

    You could possibly use the "Bible Study" time to ask the questions that cannot be answered (and that JWs don't even dare ask). You would have to be "sincere" and feign an effort to "understand" JWism. You ask the questions and force him to do his research to find the suitable explanations. It could help him to awaken to TTATT.

    Only you could decide if it's worth it.

  • Incognito

    LOLS, sorry for your loss.

    It sounds as if he did not discuss his plans or request your views before proceeding. A spouse deciding to become a practicing JW, typically will not take into consideration the impact that decision will have on other members of the family even when the remaining family has no intention of becoming JWs themselves.

    Things you may normally take for granted such as Christmas and Birthday observances will often become heated issues. If you or one of your children should be injured and require a blood transfusion, will he honor or consider your wishes or will he oppose a transfusion regardless?

    You said:

    which we all know they are not allowed to get divorced ...

    This is not fully correct. Some JWs couples do become divorced.

    Even when there is a legal divorce, if there is no infidelity by either party, then the JW is not free to be in a relationship with anyone else as he/she continues to be considered as married 'scripturally'. JWs consider the only valid reason to dissolve a marriage in God's eyes, is unfaithfulness.

    If a divorced JW wishes to remain in favor with the organization but wants to pursue a relationship with someone else, they may attempt to gather evidence to a sexual relationship by their ex-spouse or request an admission to that in writing from their ex. Without a 'scriptural' divorce, the JW maybe disfellowshipped if they remarry.

  • Diogenesister
    The WTBTS has always been reckless with the health, welfare and education of it's members. The lack of higher Education indicates that they are missing out on the better paying jobs leaving them as the lowest earning religion.

    This sums it up.

    JWs have lots of neurotic illnesses because they are taught they are essentially worthless...and women and children are less than worthless. Someone put up a hilarious poster of the hierarchy of Watchtower ( and the power the higher ups hold is absolute) and what was funny was Jesus was right at the bottom, too, which is so true!. The governing body have taken Jesus' role for ordinary jws, as Jesus is only the mediator for the 144,000 anointed ones ( ergo deluded jws who think they are chosen to rule over others in heaven with Jesus). Hence ordinary jws are " priviledged" to do absolutely anything in association with Watchtower, the governing body known as "the faithfull and discrete slave". The F.D.S. is a parable that jws take literally and is the source of Watchtowers power...anything you do for them you are doing for God, in essence. Therefore if you wipe an elders ass you are " priviledged" as you are doing it for God.

    So initially priviledged for a baptised male include reading the Watchtower, leading a service or preaching group, saying a prayer with other dubs...basically anything if he's the only male present as women cannot even handle microphones in a kingdom hall. (Funnily enough they ARE allowed to clean though).

    Oh. And about the divorce thing. Dubs have about the same divorce rate as the general public has ( lower than Catholics, higher than atheists) but lately there has been some pressure to separate from spouses who are a " spiritual danger" to them ie non believers. Yes, they won't have a right to a "scriptural" divorce - until one of you has sex with someone else - but Watchtower will do anything to keep it's followers away from those who will tell them the truth. So tread carefully if you want to keep your marriage in tact. And look up jwfacts.com, slowly drip feeding him ideas to think about as Watchtower is essentially now a property flipping company and cult with no regard for the ordinary members who are simply recruitment agents.

    It's very sad when you realise how much they are being used and are "captives of a concept"( oh and look up the B.I.T.E. model for cults.

  • Diogenesister

    T.t.a.t.t. = the truth about the truth

    P.I.M.O.= physically in mentally out , someone trapped in the cult due to Watchtowers shunning policy. Watchtower weaponizes ones family to use against you if you leave. Rips familys apart.

    P.I.M.I = physically in mentally in , a believing fully indoctrinated jw.

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