What Privileges do you get when you are baptized ?

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  • WTWizard

    You get the "privilege" of helping joke-hova to enslave the whole world. You get to donate all your time and spiritual energy, under threat of houndings and being disfellowshipped, to that thing so it can suck the earth dry of all things worthwhile and make things miserable for everything and everyone. You get the "privilege" of connecting all the way with that damnation book that they have the nerve to call a bible. In doing this, your own soul will be corrupted and you will pour energy into the ongoing process of enslaving the whole world.

    In doing this, you will be helping the Establishment. Medical progress is stifled. Free energy is held back. People get sick and die at 70 or 80 years old. People always work so they can pay the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to prevent anyone from advancing. Political correctness, where just about every thought is offensive to someone, is enforced. And the regular people are blamed for it. If that is what you really want, then go ahead and push that damnation book and keep basing your life on it. Of course, you will also be miserable in doing this. That is the "privilege" you get when baptized.

  • LOLS

    Thank you to each & everyone of you that have taken the time to reply & give me advice , I really do appreciate it .

  • dozy

    Being baptised in itself doesn't lead to more "privileges". These have to be "earned". Sometimes a newly baptised male JW would quite quickly be given a grunt ( ie lowest form of ) privilege , such as an attendant at an assembly or looking after a microphone at a meeting.

    The main tangible difference is that you are called "brother" or "sister" so-an-so when you answer up at meetings.

    Other than that - not much really changes. You are viewed somewhat differently in the congregation - more is expected of you now that you are officially a JW. JWs are no longer obligated to "love bomb" you , so you can find that people treat you a bit cooler than before. And the person who studied with you has basically finished their project , so can move on to future prospects. I remember one newly baptised JW sister in our congregation being quite upset that she was pretty much dropped like a hot potato by the pioneer that studied with her and whom she had assumed was a really close friend.

    A good example to understand the change in status is Serena Williams , who is generally assumed to be a UBP ( unbaptised publisher ) or even an "interested person" ( no status whatsoever in the congregation ) so can pretty much get away with whatever conduct she wants without any trouble. Were she a baptised JW , all of that would change.

  • carla

    I know mine once got to work the holy toilet brush, that was pretty exciting for him when he first joined.

  • LOLS

    @Carla .... You are so funny

  • caves

    I got the privilege of being scapegoated and shunned by my family for standing up to abuse. They are so loving to have this provision.

    I got the privilege of watching my sexual abuser walk.

    I got the privilege of a mind fuck in such a way that an acid trip doesnt have shit on the love shown.

    You to, can have this and even more when you are baptized.

    The sheer amount of ecstasy you will experience is breathtaking.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    I think of baptism as more of a death sentence than a privilege.

  • jwfacts

    Privilege is used to make people feel better about being forced to do hours a week of unpaid, menial labour. As a man he can work his way up to some new titles too

    He is now in line to be a servant - Ministerial Servant.

    Then he can progress to being an Elder or Shepherd of the Flock. These Shepherds get to spend many hours a week working for free, preparing talks and listing to people’s problems.

    The top role is to be the Slave class, which is a total misnomer, as they are anything but slaves, they are the ones that get to Lord it over everyone else.

  • smiddy3

    but thank goodness I am as stubborn as a ox ..... the rules in the house are , u leave your religion at the front door & the children are off limits till they are old enough to decide for them selves ........ the kids do not go to his side of the family unsupervised at all & no Jdubs allowed in my house ....

    And if he doesn't like it he can Leave ... which we all know they are not allowed to get divorced ..

    You sound like a strong woman with balls if I may use that expression ,good for you to stick to your guns especially about the rules for the children .

    Kudos to you for doing that.

    However about the divorce issue that`s not quite true ... I personally know quite a few JW`s who have been divorced and are still accepted in good standing in the congregations.

    Their are always loopholes they can use to rationalize their excuse to get divorced .

    I find that JW`s are masters at rationalizing what they consider a wrong and doing the opposite .

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