What Privileges do you get when you are baptized ?

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  • LOLS

    My Husband was Baptized at the recent 2018 Convention in South Africa ......

    He was VERY annoyed that his Non-believing wife did not attend the Baptism....... But I think he received pressure from his JW father & elders as to why his wife was not attending ......

    Anyway ..... it's really water off my back . I wanted to know what privileges you get as a baptized JW man , as I saw a message from one of the Elders at his cong , congratulating him on his baptism and to earning more privileges ..... What are these privileges the Elder is speaking about ,,,,,

    I don't feel like asking my husband as it just lands up in a stupid fight ..... or a long winded explanation ....


  • StephaneLaliberte

    Well, I would say that the biggest one is to become a pioneer. That means signing up to preach 50 to 70 hours per month. In doing that, your name will be read from the platform announcing to all that you are pioneering.

    Then, you can have these other privileges where you can manage the congregation's publications, territories, accounts, etc under the supervision of a ministerial servant and/or elder.

    As you can see, these are not privileges, they are simply responsibilities and tasks that will take more of your time. The only thing you get back from all of that is the special recognition in the congregation where everyone will be a bit nicer to you. You will be invited to more parties and activities. You know, general increase in popularity.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    He'll probably be allowed to carry mics or work the sound at the meetings or maybe say a prayer. That's probably it for now. Really not much of a "privilege" when you think about it. In the JW world, even simple basic things are used as a carrot (or a stick to punish) desired behavior. The more you do what they want, the more things they assign you to make you feel important. Basic cult 101 behavior.

  • freddo

    Oh dear ... tell us your story LOLS. Did he "marry you out of the truth" as in he was brought up in the cult but never got baptised and found you?

    He must be thick to become a true believing jw nowadays. (As opposed to one who is going through the motions to keep his family happy.) Please tell us he holds down a job and you don't have kids. PLEASE.

    SL and DB above explains what he will soon be able to do.

    He will first get used on running a microphone at the kingdom hall. If they are really short handed they might make him an assistant on those departments mentioned in his post above. He might get allowed on the trolley carts if he has "good ministry" after a couple of months.

    If "he has the circumstances" he can apply straight away to be an auxiliary pioneer (30 hours a month at certain times of the year, 50 hours at others) and after six months (usually after successfully auxiliary pioneering or having an outstanding ministry) he can apply to be a regular pioneer where he will be expected to do 70 hours of timewasting err... ministry per month for a year.

    After a year he can technically be made a Ministerial Servant if he "qualifies" (10 hours per month of ministry - being seen out knocking doors or cart witnessing, attending meetings regularly and answering up well) but unless they are really desperate it is more likely he will be given a lesser department to run like "sound" or "literature" or "hall" first. It usually takes at least three years of brown nosing and "exemplary" conduct to be a Ministerial Servant.

  • slimboyfat

    THhe privilege of being shunned if you step out of line or disagree with anything 8 men in New York teach.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    So sorry for you Lols and thank you for your post.

    "Privileges" means greater opportunity to waste more of your own time, energy and funds on an unworthy mind-controlling cult which specialises in stealing people's lives and inheritances and never gives anything back in return.

    Through mock heroics like being more gullible than others and lots of grovelling to the elders means that you get still more "privileges" and as a consequence more adulation comes from the cult hierarchy leading to an elevated status within the congregation--which is how it works in fairyland.

  • Darkknight757

    Sadly it’s just mindless work for a mindless organization. He can handle mics at the meetings now and give more talks at the Hall. In time if he’s a “YES MAN” he can qualify as a Ministerial Servant or an Elder after that.

    I feel sorry for you that you have to deal with this. He WILL pressure you to study with him because it will be expected of him to have regular “family worship”. Don’t give in!! The JWs cherry pick like all other religions and make things sound so great but it’s all a mirage. In the end, he’s just another puppet for a nefarious, child molester protecting organization.

  • LOLS


    Thanks for the reply's everyone , far less annoying than asking my husband.

    @Freddo : My husband grew up in a JW household , but when we met 11 years agohis family where not practicing JW's not sure why they stopped years ago ..... I only found out he was from a JW family when our son turned 1 (conceived out of wedlock & same with our daughter ) , as I wanted to invite his family & they wouldn't attend .... he said he wanted nothing to do with the JW religion , cult etc ... call it what you like ..... that was before we got married ....but low and be hold 3 years into our marriage his whole JW family started to go back to full time JW's ... his father was made a ministerial servant etc & his uncle was a Elder ... So here I sit with the shit show of this cult .....

    Again thanks for the reply's ....

  • LOLS

    @ Darknight ..... He WILL pressure you to study with him because it will be expected of him to have regular “family worship”. Don’t give in!!

    He has tried LOL :) but thank goodness I am as stubborn as a ox ..... the rules in the house are , u leave your religion at the front door & the children are off limits till they are old enough to decide for them selves ........ the kids do not go to his side of the family unsupervised at all & no Jdubs allowed in my house ....

    And if he doesn't like it he can Leave ... which we all know they are not allowed to get divorced ...

  • freddo

    Well LOLS I'm glad you're strong-minded. You will need to be.

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