Padron Case Settled. What happens to the fine?

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  • Bobby2446

    Of course I read the comments. He seemed to be implying the GB are getting off because they aren’t being criminally prosecuted.

    But there needs to be evidence of a crime first.

    My bad if I misunderstood.


    Wow, Bobby is a real dick. He or she just appears out of nowhere to launch passive aggressive attacks against law firm’s and plaintiffs like Candace Conti, and “wishful thinkers.”

    Bobby’s tone is completely condescending, and he or she seems to be having trouble keeping their excitement under control with concern to the Watchtower’s “victory.”

    None of us know what went on in that court room. We don’t know Zalkin personally, or what motivates him. All we can say with 99.9% certainty, is that whatever happened, the lawyers for the Watchtower lied their asses off.

    My only advice would be to not wait for the Watchtower to crumble before starting your new life. Religion in the Western world is on the decline, and the trend is likely irreversible. Even so, it may take decades for Organized Xian sects to become irrelevant to all but the most uneducated and desperate. Meanwhile, you are burning in the fires of time… what a pleasing odor to the god of the Hebrews that must be! We all know he loves barbecue!

    My only other piece of advice, would be to never allow your children to go to a daycare owned by Bobby, as they obviously would not be safe from sexual predators.

    Bobby, please don’t take up acting. You suck at it.


  • truthlover123


    Think about this:

    For the years I have been in the "truth" I have only heard that people who commit crimes goto police and take their medicine before becoming a witness. because it would be an affront to Jehovah - the name witnesses bear....Now if you were to be a child of 5,6,7, and up, in a loving congregation and a brother started to fondle, want oral sex, rape you- what do you do? Your parents don't see the danger, we trust everyone, kids trust adults because they are conditioned to do so. These perverts are smooth, cautious like snakes and out to deceive - yet the good old boys club -even when they know-- put these people in place to take advantage of kids - I know because it happened in our congregation.....yet the parents IF they tell others to keep their kids close, can be disfellowshipped for gossip? Does that reach into your heart and tear you to pieces? The society has known about these cases for years- incest, etc. You are coming from the wrong place. If you are a current JW or work for the org, you have a lot of soul searching to do.. Watch the ARC and see where a GB member lied to the court on simple issues. and please don't use the wt on how Jesus deflected direct answers. Jesus would not allow child abuse in any form.

    Apparently the org sees kids as liars.. and some may be.. however the mountain is building and now there is a class action in Canada and Trey Gundy is a U S lawyer involved in the case..

    Do some research on your own.. there is a lot of cases from the courts - not the media - that show where this is heading.

  • Simon

    The GB are guilty of a failure to protect and putting systems in place that put children at risk.

    They don't commit the crimes (as far as we know) but they build the system that makes such crimes possible and more likely to occur and then fail to handle the crimes or support the victims when they do. They do it because they want the control to protect their position. Think about that - they are willing to sacrifice children's lives and well-being for their own power so they can silence people who question their supposed holy appointment. Oh yes, they treat that as a serious crime and spare nothing to chase down the 'crime' of apostasy.

    Anyone claiming the GB have clean hands is a fucking moron. They are supposed to be in control and not only that, but spirit directed. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. If they are not in control then why are they there and why is anyone respecting them? If they are then the buck stops with them.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Lawyers need money. They don't take these cases to "get revenge" for sucking someone's life away. Judges also look unfavorably at plaintiffs who reject what seems to the judges as reasonable settlements. And the GB is pretty well insulated from criminal charges in all of theses cases.

    Victims need to move on. Even if money were not a factor for a person, spending their life chasing after Watchtower would be such a negative experience in their life. Better to go live your life after accepting that offering a settlement is a small piece of "admitting guilt" in some way.

    Some of you all want to find the perfect victim- a billionaire lawyer taking on Watchtower for his own abuse case- someone who doesn't need the money and has such a perfect case to prove "they knew" and at the same time he is not just walking away from it because he enjoys sitting in courts and lawyers' offices and hates spending time with grandchildren or relaxing on the beach.

    I would hurt Watchtower as much as possible if I could, but at the end of the day, a reasonable settlement is the most these people can hope for.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "But there needs to be evidence of a crime first. "

    Enforcing the "two witness" rule is good enough for me. The governing body uses it to hide criminals and cover up their crimes. Never mind that they also leave other children unprotected and victims helpless. Oh I forgot, the broad interpretation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects religious criminals too. We need the 28th amendment to fix the vagueness of the First Amendment. "The hell with religious privileges", I would call it.

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