Grocery Store conversation with an elder

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  • Xanthippe

    He was running to get potatoes Steve2

  • jp1692

    PA2: I just thought we were trading questions that were none of the other persons business.

    Perfect response. JWs completely ignore appropriate boundaries and we were complicit when we let them. Good for you reasserting your boundaries.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to your 5 year old!

  • steve2

    Thanks Xanthippe. I couldn't imagine you saying that in front of him.

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    Thanks for sharing. Way to go! I needed a good laugh today. Thanks!

  • Pubsinger


    That is THE best response I have heard in nearly 20 years since I left!

  • stuckinarut2

    Awesome reply!

  • Drearyweather


    Nice reply.

    However the strange thing here is before getting baptized we ourselves agree not to celebrate birthdays and also agree to the fact that elders will question us if we are found disobeying the WT rules!

    So this was just a case of an elder doing his job; as technically you are still a JW on their list

  • JunkYardDog

    Steve2 i WHY DO you Dislike when xjw's stand up to jw's? you have a pattern here when some x jw steps up to the plate and takes on a jw. , you cry the xjw is being abusive to the jw... I think your a jw ass kisser for their freedom to peddle their BULLCRAP and not recieve the same in Kind. So whAt the xjw said something about masturbate,. in front of his 5 yr5 old .? the wt gives books, talks , conventions, weekly studies on this topic AIMED AT YOUNG CHILDREN ALL THE TIME. CORRECT ME I F I'M WRONG? I'M sure the wt has a study book for 5 yr olds which talks about sex. So what dad xjw stood up to a wt Zombie and used a sex question. you have a problem with that? since the 5yr kid heard it 100'x at the KINGdom HELL? it' s called jw's getting a taste of there own medicine. Steve 2 I wished I met you jw in fs, I would have twisted you into KNOTS week after week as long as you could take it!!! WITH you crying all the time how I show jw's No QUARTER. just like you cry on this site how xjw stand up to jw's Steve2 your an interesting guy you have tons of wt knowledge , and show it , but you seem not to like when xjw's EXPOSE jw's...

  • stillin

    JYD, I think you may have misunderstood Steve's reaction to the OP. It would have been indecent to have spoken to the elder like that while the 5year old was present. Like, mentally diseased. I'm sure that Steve shares our glee.

    Drearyweather makes a point, though. Yes we all gave our consent to be treated as all JW's are treated when we got baptized. We just didn't realize, in our 'honeymoon" state of mind, that they would abuse their authority.

  • NewYork44M

    perfect ending - green bananas. I wonder if he got the pun.

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