If this system goes on.

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  • Vidiot

    biblexaminer - "I thought to myself... 'R... what are you, some kind of freaking idiot?' ...'you're here to encourage them and you are giving them the very reasons for staying away from the KH."

    When the carrot is unreachable, all that's left is the stick.

    And let's be honest.

    The Org doesn't really want people who've given up on the carrot.

  • Lostandfound

    "...even if the new system doesn't come, this is the best way to live..."

    What is the best or even good about it? Elder sacrificing family because of constant pressure, lack of "real" friends, CO who on his visit dispirited you rather than supporting you. Assemblies so painful a waste of holiday time and money. Appalling switch to TVs religion with its demands for more, songs so dire you could slit your wrists. Subtle nuancing changes to keep one step ahead of a reality check, simple question Why am I rushing home from work exhausted to spend evening with people I have nothing in common with. An organisation that can dump people with decades of bethel service at the drop of a hat, evidencing no concern for them and therefore nil for you. Best way of life? Maybe for the deranged.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    These 2 comments are right on target...Witnesses are about showing what they do. They want to appear righteous but inside, not a righteous bone in their body. When no one is around, do they pray ? UMMM...Ever notice they have to share they were out in service for such & such amount of time...how many return visits they have. If they just get home late from service, they have to call or text you to let you know they just got home..Most of witnesses, not all, suffer from Not getting enough attention or wanting more than they deserve. AKA: Needy...

    So the 2 comments are so true...I'm a witness & I see it...It's like any organization....as long as you are seen, you don't have to really work, just make it look good. They cry broke but don't believe them...it's to look more holy.


    I just ignore, as well. I think they partly do it as a show of righteousness, so I don't give them an audience.


    Its a showy means of ones life , look how righteous I am publicly displaying my belief.

    I think the friends are really starting to see it but don't want to let on...At our meeting, they were talking about the new facility in Warwick or is it Walkhill...but how well it's been built the sisters & brothers are really pitching in & how can you help, if you can't physically help...then send $$$$. One of the sisters & I (after the meeting) said, so why are we keeping a simple eye & they ain't....& she's a born in...I believe many are seeing the org. ask for money, update this & that...build, build, build...yet they say the end is near, if so why keep building ? Yep, the kool-aide is wearing off. But as we all know, can't say nothing..

    I've said it all over this site...the only thing that keeps most is that it's God's organization...so they think. If you tell then it's not or they find out it's not...they would never be the same. That's the main reason that most if not the majority stay..I've heard them say, but this is God's organization, although he's using imperfect men. You see many witnesses have an "Who I think I am" attitude. It's in their genes, oh they play humble, but believe me, that's an act, I've seen the sweetest talking person, turn on a person like a rabid dog, in a blink of an eye. Most of them are just putting on....The scriptures say, put on the new personality, most of them just drape it on like a cap, then take it off, then to look religious, they put it on again...never to change who they are. Most of them remind me a female who is married because now they got a huuuusband...you poor single folks...because they carry the name of Jehovah, of which they named themselves, God didn't tell then nothing...all that to say....they are full of themselves & if they were not witnesses, they would be those same folks in the churches, looking for the best seats...

    So, they may not know about THE ARC but the org. is shooting themselves in the foot regarding all this building. Friends are starting to see the obvious. Asking for $$$, building, etc. Yet, tell us, don't buy this or that, don't pursue higher education & on & on...In my congregation, most of the young ones go to college. Because on this side of the world, you need college to get a job at McDonalds...

    The Arc may never have to come out...the building & $$$, just might wake up some...


  • neverendingjourney

    I'm not sure my parents are the type of people who would have saved for retirement had they never become Witnesses, but it certainly didn't help.

    My dad just decided to stop working 15 or so years ago in his early 50s. He didn't have a penny saved for retirement but he'd had enough. My mom continues working to this day. My dad eventually starting drawing social security when he turned 62. He's now a few months shy of 70.

    My father's health is now such that he probably couldn't work anymore even if he wanted to. In the meantime, I dropped out of JWism in my early 20s and have been laser-focused the past 15 years on building a career.

    It's a tough situation. Do I take some of my own resources that I have worked hard to obtain and hand it over to them? In some respects they deserve to reap what they've sown. They'll piss it away on nonsense anyway. On the other hand, they're my parents, I love them, and I don't want to see them struggling.

    I've given them tens of thousands of dollars in monetary assistance over the years, and it hasn't really helped. Their house is still filthy and they continue making stupid decisions in every walk of life. At least JWism has provided a distraction.

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