If this system goes on.

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  • stuckinarut2


  • stuckinarut2


    oh...we mean...Some now living might not possible perhaps die...

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I have had several of my Family and Friends of some 40 years now coming to the realization that they will be "kissing the dirt" soon!

  • mrquik

    Even as a JW, I started to have doubts as 2014 approached. Personally, I still expected to live forever. That's what I bought into. That's what all the investment in time & sacrifice was for. It was a sad moment in my life when I realized I'd been duped, that I was indeed going to die as my mother had before me. I've now outlived all my male relatives & many of the old timers in JW land. I no longer worry about death. Nothing I can do about it. I watched my mother, a staunch JW die. In her last week, she would say over & over "I'm fine, don't worry about me." I could not believe she could say that after all the sacrifices she had made. But, I've come to understand that acceptance of the inevitable has a certain comfort of it's own & I hope I have the same mindset when my turn comes. (Hopefully not for a while.....) In the meantime I shall live well & enjoy life. I hope all of you do as well.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My brother who is in his early 70's and also a elder for years now has told me both him and his wife are going to die in this system and will be ressurected in the future. His thinking sounds very sad when he makes these statements. Still Totally ADD

  • biblexaminer

    I went on a shepherding call with this one older elder ("R") a few years back. He was intent on getting a 'sit down' with this one older couple who hadn't been at the hall in quite a while.

    We went to their house and "R" banged on the door (neurotic) till the old man came down. The old man said quite begrudgingly...'oh yeah... your here so I guess you gotta come in'.

    Up we went.

    We sat down and R commenced. Yes, R was going to set all matters straight.

    This is the interesting part.

    R was trying to correct the old man's viewpoint and started to get off track. Before long, R was telling them about his own history, and how the Society said 'that the end should have been here long ago'.

    R went on and on about how R worked for this big bottling company and R was offered to put money into a retirement package and how the company would meet his contributions. "But", as R went on, ..."'the end was so close' we were told and so I just spent all my money and put nothing away and now I am putting money away and I am old and I have to keep working until I die...."

    The older, non attending couple stared at R as he ranted.

    I thought to myself... 'R... what are you, some kind of freaking idiot?' ...'you're here to encourage them and you are giving them the very reasons for staying away from the KH.'

    But, older couple is brain dead. They began back at the hall. There they all are since then, R and the older couple, sitting in their chairs chanting the Watchtower endsong.

    They should make a tv series about the walking brain dead. JWs staggering down the street to the hall to feed. Their arms outstretched, their heads tilted back and to one side as their eyes are rolled over in their heads. And you can hear them moaning 'the slave, the slave'.

  • jookbeard

    sad hearing the comments from the old timers resigned to their deaths in this system and hoping for a resurrection an even more preposterous and insane hope.

    I've heard JWs comment, "even if the new system doesn't come, this is the best way to live my life." LOL

    Yes, I've heard that a lot from JWs still wanting to believe. I like to think that this is the beginning of cognitive reasoning. There is an admission of error, yet still a desire to follow in spite of the evidence. These people still need a little more help following common sense and reasoning to overcome their mind control imho

  • DesirousOfChange

    I mean can you imagine the cognizant dissonance 80 to 90 year old JW's are experiencing right now ? ~ Flipper

    The new expression that I heard a few years ago was that they may have to make it into Paradise (the New World) via "The Underground"!

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  • prologos
    jb: "sad hearing the comments from the old timers resigned to their deaths in this system and hoping for a resurrection an even more preposterous and insane hope.

    Yes, for just keeping alive seem doable, but a recreation of your brain/thoughts/memories, more difficult, it has never been done before. and

    If wt failed with the never die promise, what prospect is there that this even more far-fetched hope will happen? really?

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