If this system goes on.

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  • exjwlemming

    I've heard JWs comment, "even if the new system doesn't come, this is the best way to live my life." LOL

  • steve2

    Oh the end, the much desired end can't come soon enough, we were told.

    It comes for each and everyone, religious or not, wanted or not, we learn.

    The end always comes.

    The "system" will end and obedient ones will live, we were told.

    The system does not end but we do, we learn, as one by one we die.

    Oh the end does come - it always does - just not the end we were told would come.

  • prologos

    When I heard the circuit overseer say that, or rather he had to say it,- from the outline, he kind of cringed. I thought, now comes Jesus' parable of the seven demons repossessing the man who was exorcised. , they did not go that far, but equalizing doubt with demon possession goes too far, now,-- that talking snake must have been demon possessed even before 1914 right?

  • flipper

    When I hear a JW say " even IF this system goes on " - I usually tell them right after they say that - " oh, don't worry it WILL go on. " I was telling my older JW dad that I'd get some stuff paid off in about 3 years and he said, " this system may not be here still ".

    My reply was, " Yeah dad, it will be here still, I'm sure of it. " I truly believe the WT Society is criminal in making these older JW's believe they won't die. I mean - Jesus Christ- look at em' all ! With wrinkles and growing scales ? I mean can you imagine the cognizant dissonance 80 to 90 year old JW's are experiencing right now ? It's like , " Oh shit. Paradise hasn't come yet and I'm dying. WTF is happening ? " You KNOW that stuff has to be playing out in their collective minds right now . Very sad. 8 million people were lied to believing they'd live forever and not have to die

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    To you I have to say

    You're going to grow old and gray

    Following the Watchtower way

    You're going to grow old and die

    Listening to the Watchtower lie

    Remember me on your last and final day

    Upon your death bed on which you lay

    You've finally grown old and soon will die

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Me, a kid who was told I'd never graduate from high school, did in fact graduate in the pivotal year of 1975 while many of my JW contemporaries were dropping out of school to Pioneer because the end was so near. If anyone would have said back then that the system of things would still be here in 2016, they'd have been branded as an apostate or at the very least, someone of weak faith.

    I went to Bethel and I sat at the Governing Body table for all of my meals. I realized back then that these somewhat "well meaning" men were just that....ordinary men. Although I continued as a JW for many decades, thankfully I had that eye opening experience and knew better to bank on what they said.

    My Bro in Law and his wife have been in Bethel since they were in their 20's and if they're laid off, will have nothing to fall back on.

    My Son was told that he'd never graduate but in fact he did graduate in the year 2000 and has recently given us our first grandchild. I'm 59 and about to retire relatively young, in a few months with a full pension. Thank goodness I didn't put all my eggs in one basket as I was instructed to do. I'm hearing about the different JW guys I knew who were a few years ahead of me who now have nothing to live on in their old age. Knowing how much I'm looking forward to stepping of the "tredmill", it saddens me to think of them not having a way out when one was so available.

    When predicting the "end of the world", no one (other than Nostradamus) predicts it will happen after they've died. They are all worried about it coming in their lifetime or like the JW's are hoping it will come in their lifetime so they won't have to grow old. It's easy for them (especially young ones) to dismiss the failed predictions of the past. We all think the time we are living in is the most important and different time period of all and things will somehow be different than the times past.

    I can say all of this as someone who lived through the 1975 fiasco and saw how easily my youthful trust, hopes and life's experiences the have been readily dismissed by the current batch of JW's who think it will be different for them. I did the same thing when I was younger in regard to the JW's who came before me and who counted on the end coming in their lifetime.

  • respectful_observer

    It doesn't help when we have a CO tell us from the stage that "It is an inspired expression of error to not believe the end will come in our lifetime". (btw, does anyone know why the quote" function here no longer works in Explorer?)

    What people tend to forget is that "zealous" Christians since Jesus death have ALL believed that the end would come in their lifetimes. That's hundreds and hundreds of generations over THOUSANDS of years. Why is our's suddenly the one? Ah, because that's what the Bible tells us. (Oh wait, but that's exactly what every other generation has argued too.)

  • scratchme1010

    "There is more new light now than back then, this time we are truly deep, deep in the time of the end, and this system will end any day now"

    That has become part of the same BS they keep saying. Their standard response to their crap about this system coming to an end is that now we're even closer.

    My issue with most religions is precisely the horrible, negative, catastrophic view of the world. Centuries, if not millenniums have passed and they keep playing the same lame sad negative song about how bad things are. More BS. Life is just what it is.

    "It is an inspired expression of error to not believe the end will come in our lifetime".

    I agree. I have been really inspired to express everything about all their errors in their stupid believes about some end that will never come in any lifetime.

    Anyway, smarty pants that I am, when my sister came up to try to appeal to some false sense of urgency by telling be about the "end of the system being near", I stopped her, Held my hand high and started counting seconds with my fingers. At the count of ten I said: "Look! It's ten seconds closer now". I said that with a mocking smile on my face. Never again she tried that crap on me.

  • NewYork44M

    The end is near, in 100 years, we will all be dead.

  • smiddy

    This system of things cant last more than five years . Told to me every few years from the early 1960`s.

    I didn`t leave till 1993 ,I`m a slow learner.

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