If this system goes on.

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  • redvip2000

    It will go on, no worries.

    During the thanksgiving break I stayed with my parents, and one day in the morning, as i was walking between the living room and the bedroom, I passed by the kitchen door and noticed my mother praying over her morning coffee and pastries.

    I stopped there for a moment as she silently sat there with her eyes closed and bowed head, lips moving while silently enunciating each word, completely immersed in a prayer to an imaginary person, and I couldn't help thinking how sad the whole thing was. These folks truly believe it - enough that if asked, many would lay down their life for it.

    Think of that for a minute... billions are willing to lay down their lives or at least have it controlled by an imaginary person. Isn't that something....

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The one thing that most religions have in common is that they offer their members an opportunity to cheat death.

    Achieving immortality is the oldest theme of organised religion.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    Considering that 1914, the alleged beginning of end, is over 102 years behind us and the scientifically determined limit on the human lifespan (baring the intervention of anti-aging drugs) is 120 years, I'd say that this system has less than 18 years to go before Armageddon. It's truly great that within that period most JWs who remember the 1914 doctrine will either be dead or senile, which will allow the WTS to dupe a whole new generation of suckers.
  • flipper

    CRAZY GUY- It's more like - " millions now living will all die " . More accurate anyway. LOL. Peace out and Merry x-mas !

    P.S. I'm big into studying Ancestry.com and you know the one common denominator all my ancestors share in researching almost 1,000 years back ? Yep. They all died ! I haven't found one yet that doesn't have a date of death, imagine that ? Perhaps the WT Society was wrong after all. Jeez.

  • jesscd

    I think one of the major head in hands blows post-jw was realizing my own mortality. The fact that I wasn't going to live forever, that in fact my life was finite was a difficult realization after 30+ years as a born-in. But was I had my moment, or rather several moments, I actually felt relief. It meant that I could live my life for now - breathe laugh work help others - all now. I was no longer just biding time until some vegetarian lions and panda hugging fantasy world. I can't imagine the emotional turmoil of my parents nearing 70 who have spent their whole lives in expectation, or my grandmother in her 90's who used to tell me as a little kid (when she was not much older than I am now) that it was just around the corner.

  • out4good4
    I stopped there for a moment as she silently sat there with her eyes closed and bowed head, lips moving while silently enunciating each word

    Does anyone else think that this is the most absurd practice?

    I've seen witnesses....if you handed them a couple of chips out of a bag will silently drop their heads and say silent prayers over it before eating. It is one of the more silly things I see them do and just seems so rigid and cultish.

    What do you do when they do this?

    I've gotten to the point where I just ignore them and go on about doing whatever I happen to be doing

  • GrreatTeacher

    I just ignore, as well. I think they partly do it as a show of righteousness, so I don't give them an audience.

  • smiddy

    Its a showy means of ones life , look how righteous I am publicly displaying my belief.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Yup I remember hearing this trash all the time. My own Dad says I would be better off dead right now than still living and not going to meetings. Thanks Dad! 😅

  • Vidiot

    "...even if the new system doesn't come, this is the best way to live..."

    Waiting with baited breath for an extinction-level-event to wipe out 99.9% of the world's population is "the best way to live"?

    Putting aside all hopes, dreams, talents, and aptitudes to spend a lifetime telling people about said extinction-level-event is "the best way to live"?

    Living in constant unspoken fear that the wrong thoughts, actions, or words will condemn you to be destroyed in said extinction-level-event is "the best way to live"?

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