How long is a generation?

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  • steve2

    Sound and sensible reasoning is anathema to JW doctrine. The sole protective response favoured by JWs is indifference to such reasoning.

    Fingers in both ears and singing out loud “la la la la la la” keeps obedient JWs indifferent to collapsing doctrine. If you are not embarrassed by sticking your fingers in your ears and singing nonsense syllables out loud, JW organization is the religion for you.

  • charonsdog

    Can we label this generation? I was thinking "Generation X-panded"

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Its really simple.

    Jesus (allegedly) said that some of the people who were alive right then as he was speaking would STILL be alive to witness the events leading up to Jerusalem's destruction. There was no 'NEXT' or 'OVERLAPPING' group.

    Up until 1995, JW's preached that some people that were alive to witness the events of 1914 would STILL be alive to witness the destruction of this world at God's hand. There was no 'NEXT' or 'OVERLAPPING' group.

    I don't want to confuse the issue but another way to look at the stupidity of the change is this; My Grandfather passed away in 1987. I was alive while my Grandfather was alive and so our lives overlapped. He witnessed world war 2 but I didn't. According to the theory that the FDS is espousing, that makes me a part of the generation that saw world war 2, even though I wasn't around to witness it.

    Sound stupid?? - Yes it does.

    Using their theory in the other direction of time, this also makes my Grandfather a part of the 'facebook generation'- even though he passed away 20 years before it was launched, because my life and his 'overlapped'.

    I actually cant believe the FDS are getting away with this complete misinterpretation and twisting of a simple concept. They should just say they were wrong about 1914. But we know that will never happen.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Joey jojo,

    You make some excellent points. I love that point that according to WT your grandfather who died in '87 could be part of the Facebook generation simply because he was alive during part of your lifetime.

    That really brings home how stupid of idea the overlapping generation is.

  • flipper

    " J-dubs say this " , " WT says that " , " Jesus says this " - Arghhhhh ! It doesn't matter !

    Makes me want to set my hair on fire ! It doesn't MATTER what these people say or teach or think- a REAL generation's length is about 30 years like most any dictionary states.

    Remember- WT Society makes money on alternate views of reality and changing the meanings of words. I feel like I'm sniffing crazy glue trying to get my point across here

  • smiddy3

    Very good post LTPF and you too Vander.h 7...,adding to many previous posts showing how ludicrous this teaching is without any Biblical foundation at all

    You really have to wonder at the level of intelligence existing in the Jehovah`s Witness religion today that they accept such a doctrine so willingly.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ LTP - (Job 42:16) “After this Job lived for 140 years, and he saw his children and his grandchildren—four generations.”

    Even JW's without a higher education can divide 140 by 4 and get the right answer.

    @ SOUR GRAPES - The JDubs will say that even though Jesus was referring to his time period that his words were prophetic and had a second fulfillment in our time.

    As Vanderhoven points out, Matthew 24:21 eliminates any possibility of a “greater fulfillment.”

    Jesus said that the great tribulation he referred to would never occur again! Which part of 'never' don't JW's understand?

    The G.T. At Revelation 7:14 is in context with the G.T at Revelation 2:22 and is not alluding to Matthew 24.

  • careful

    Triple J:

    They should just say they were wrong about 1914. But we know that will never happen.

    I needed a good laugh! The only way they would ever admit error is if they were forced to by Caesar, massive public exposure, and/or genuine catastrophe. They've moved a log way from Rutherford's candid admission, "I made an ass of myself."

  • Formerbrother

    If the end doesnt come in the next decade or so then they will have to have another new thought about the generations

  • tiki

    Ahh...the never ending eternal generation in Dubdom rears its inscrutable head yet again.....

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