How long is a generation?

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    LTPF: What Splain does in his talk and chart illustration is make the leap that a generation can have two groups.

    Personally, I think Splane (or who ever is really in charge at the WTBTS) plagiarized that chart from this three year old thread:


    1. January 15, 2014: Watchtower Study Article: "Let Your Kingdom Come" But When?, (p. 30-31, paragraphs 14 - 16): WT attempts to explain 1st & 2nd Groups of "THIS GENERATION [That] WILL NOT PASS AWAY"
    2. April 2014: Oubliette posts a chart on JWN parodying the Overlapping Generation (OG) nonsense
    3. September 2015: Splane attempts to 'splain the OG nonsense using a chart suspiciously derivative of one previously posted here on JWN. (Click here for a review of that jw-tv episode).

    Careful readers will notice the footnote in the above chart about conflicting dates for Fred Franz' baptism. This is a point in WT "theology," chronology and history that previously has not been discussed much, and curiously Splane also refers to this obscure point in his presentation.

    Coincidence? Conspiracy theory?

    Do the math!

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