Just what is a "District Overbeer?"

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    RAYZORBLADE wrote:

    Women can take the lead....who'd've thunk it?

    Is that a scary thought, Rayzor??? Women can partay just as harday as da men!!!

    I nominate Pettygrudger for Michigan Overbeer.

    Pettygrudger has my vote, too....if 1) women git da vote...and 2) Women from Canada git da vote...hehehe!!! You see...she will have international recognition!!!

    But we'll await Valis' decision on these matters.

    Yes....what you said...about Lord Valis...



    Wow! some potential New Overbeers!

    Chevysntats: for California

    ESTEE: for British Columbia (I guess you could be Travelling Overbeer for Saskatchewan).

    I think Lord Valis, will make room for a Lady Lord.

    ESTEE: 15 more posts, and you'll be a JEDI. That'll give you extraordinary powers.

    Chevysntats: good to see you again.....and yeah, I think you'd make a good California Overbeer.

    I see a womens' revolt in our midsts. Watches as the women pick up the empties, ready to throw at the opposers.

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