Just what is a "District Overbeer?"

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  • arrowstar

    Bradley -

    Just you nevermind what I'm doing to that tree....



    Cool Jag, Englishman!!!

    Vancouver has no leadership, sbeeritually speaking....

    And there are 41 of us Apostates here!! And the numbers are growing prophetically prolifically every day!!!

    Responsibeerities are weighing heavy!!! And I, a mere lowly sister....don't drink a lot of beer...Having that gentle and refined Libra-ness in me, I prefer Smirnoff Ice!!...or a nice blush wine!!! Perhaps I simply do not have the...ummm....qualifications!!!

    And all I really wanna do is ballroom dance!!!

    And I am torn between my loyalties of devotion to the frock....or devotion to the dance.....or devotion to the beer/vodka/wine!!!

    Oh Great District Overbeer .... what shall I do...?....What shall I do? Save meeee before I become sbeeritually shipwrecked!!!Be merciful with me!!!

    <breaks down and weeps uncontrollably at my miserable failure>



    logansrun wrote:

    Liquer before beer, nothing to fear. + = Beer before liquer, get even sicker. + = ~~Bradley

    Hmmmm....a calming influence ... and so soon after his appointment...Ahhh...yes...he is wise....very wise.....

    Congratulations on your appointment, logansrun!!! Well deserved...well deserved!!! Certainly the saying is true, "Your appointment was by Holy Sbeerits!!!"


  • stillajwexelder

    are you guys saying that because I am a bourbon drinker, it is unlikely that I would qualify to be a District Overbeer and would have to be content to be anointed with spirit?




  • pr_capone

    Well..... I feel the need to contribute to this thread, seeing as I am a District Overbeer myself.

    First off.... Congratulations Logan on your appointment. You buy the first round! w00t!

    Second... Robdar - As I am no longer the Kansas District Overbeer ( I now reside in the great state of Louisiana) you fall under the teritory of our newest D.O.

    Third - I have a question myself to the Head D.O. As there is already a Louisiana D.O (WildTurkey), seeing as we have so few apostates here, and lastly, as I am the only D.O who is currently enlisted in the military. Should my commision not reside with the military? I realize that the Army or Military isnt a state and all but they are a flock who also need tending to.

    I will leave it to you to decide Brother Valis.

    Fourth... Estee - Who says you cant dance and serve as a D.O??? I DO!

    Fifth... Damn I'm thirsty... gonna go get me a beer now.

    Louisiana (Military/Army ???) District Overbeer

  • tinkerbell82

    do we have a DO in california?


    Brad....before I can even think of buying a round...you have to prove to me geographically: that Chicago, as we know it, is not in Louisiana?

    W T Hell?

    Being as I'm within the reaches of our local Ontario District Overbeer, and live along one of the Great Lakes....I have at least, some minor input.

    First off: Congratulations!

    Second: Geographical correctness.

    Third: I think PETTYGRUDGER is in line for Michigan's appointment. I saw her carry a case of Labatt's Blue (24) with ease. I think the U.S.A.'s first ever female Overbeer is approaching.

    OK Brad (Logansrun), time to get this geographical error, corrected, and then move eastward. When I think of beer, I think of water, when I think of water, I think of Ontario and Michigan: why?

    Because both province and state touch 4 of the Great Lakes. No other state/province does.

    Hmmm.....OK Brad, is Chicago in Louisiana or is it still in Illinois

  • LittleToe

    Congratulations on your anointment, Bradley.
    May the fire-water flow freely, and may your pumps never run dry.

    Scottish Overbeer.

  • Aztec

    Ray, just admit it...you miss us don't you? I think pettygrudger would be a fine overbeer if she wasn't such a lightweight. She and I got a bit toasted on a small bottle of wine not too long ago...LOL! She more than I though....

    ~Aztec ;-)

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