Marrying Young

by Descender 42 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Bendrr

    Descender -- bad idea if there ever were one. Talk some sense into that young buck pronto!!!! He'll thank you in the long run.


  • jwbot

    I know so many JW's who marry young and are miserable. It seems they get married because they are horny, seems like the spiritual masterbation just isn't doing it for them anymore. heh.

    Its not very mature...but it goes along with every JW teen, they are not socialized properly. My bro is in the same issue...and I almost was, BUT I ESCAPED! FREE! hahahaaaaa oh sorry got carried away there...

  • Nosferatu

    I've also noticed the "Marrying Young" trend with JWs, mainly ones who were raised in the troof. They meet 1 girl, they fall in love, and they get married ASAP. Their hormones are raging because of no sex or masturbation.

    Single JWs who came into the troof after their teen years become a lot more fussy in their choice of mates. They've had their heart broken, they've broken hearts, and the know what they like/don't like in the opposite sex. They have dating experience to make a much wiser choice, and they're past their raging hormone stage.

    Winston has some excellent suggestions. I hope you can help your brother wake up to reality.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Yeah a lot of us can relate to what your saying. He is way too young to get married plus with no job skills and a low paying job. Add on top of that (heaven forbid it) if his wife gets pregnant!!! Then he will be stuck in a situation where he will just scraping by and trying to do his duty as a father and husband. It will be a no win situation and when he gets a little older and realizes it, it will be too late. So either he stays in a bad situation and be miserable or go his own way and be DF'd. What a choice. I hope it works out in the end for him regardless.


  • amac

    That is awful young. Point out to him that it could possibly work out good and that it has for many in the past. But the facts are between the ages of 18 and 25 he will change dramatically, which reduces the chance of staying happily married. He better hope he and his wife change together and in the same direction. I was married at 21 and both me and my wife are completely different in our 30's. Fortunately we changed in a compatible way and are still in love.

  • AnnOMaly

    Way way too young! It'll end in tears!

    Is he escaping from something at home?

  • Yerusalyim


    You said,

    I've also noticed the "Marrying Young" trend with JWs, mainly ones who were raised in the troof. They meet 1 girl, they fall in love, and they get married ASAP. Their hormones are raging because of no sex or masturbation.

    No no no no no...the hormones are raging because of their age. I was whackin willie plenty...and later getting plenty...and still had raging hormones...only to get another case of raging hormones just this year...though I get it daily...due to MID LIFE CRISIS.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    I wonder if, as more JW kids go on to higher education, they will also marry later.

    Most ordinary kids in university wait till they are finished at least their first degree before thinking of marriage. A lot depends on finances, of course.

  • cruzanheart

    Aaaaargh!!! Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, here's my motherly take on the situation:

    1. They're getting married because they want sex. Period. That's all.

    2. They will proceed to have at least two or three children very quickly.

    3. They will get divorced before they're 30.

    4. He will not get his GED or go to college.

    5. He will end up living with YOU.

    6. He still won't get his GED or go to college.

    Sorry for the hard look at the future, but I've seen this happen a lot of times. Home schooling is brilliant under some circumstances, but as an excuse to avoid worldly people, it sucks. As for "no sex until marriage," now that I'm out I've softened my opinion on that. I think it's an admirable goal, but if my kids decide to go another way, then all I ask is that they be informed about protection and don't do anything stupid. And if they do something stupid and end up with a baby, bring it to me. No judgment, no censorship, no abortion or leaving the baby in a trash can. We will deal with it and celebrate the child.


  • ashitaka

    Well, to quote Rear Window.

    "When my husband and I were married, we were a couple of maladjusted mistfits. We're still a couple of maladjusted misfits, and we've loved every minute of it."

    That's how my wife and I feel. We were married at 18, and 19 respectively, eight months separating our birthdays. We heard all of the dire warnings, all of the terrible consequences in store for us, and.......none of those horrible things happened. We'll have been married five years in october, and we've loved every minute of our marriage. Life is good.

    Still, we were subtly breaking away from the JWs at the time, so the religion was no longer in the equation. I too, even with my background, think that this marriage could very well lead to disaster and misery, simply because of the fact that these are not even normal kinds marrying each other(which is in itself a terribly difficult thing to manage), but JW kids, which is a whole 'nother animal.

    Poor kid. He needs to better himself first, before he goes exploring the uncharted waters of a 'lifetime' commitment. (Haven't seen too many witness marriages end well recently)


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