My Prediction Regarding New Space Telescope That Will See Back to 100 Million Years From the Big Bang

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  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    A new space telescope launched a few days age that will supposedly be able to see to within 100 million years of the big bang.

    Wow... only 100 million years from the Big Bang. That is pretty early given the 12 billion year age of the universe assigned by scholars who adhere to naturalism.

    "A powerful European Ariane 5 rocket boosted NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope into space on Christmas Day, kicking off a $10 billion attempt to capture light from the first galaxies to form in the aftermath of the Big Bang.

    The hoped-for “deep field” images — baby pictures of the cosmos — are expected to shed light on the formation and evolution of galaxies, the supermassive black holes at their hearts and the life cycles of stars, from birth to the supernova blasts that seed space with heavy elements." - Article

    I would like to make a prediction from a Creation Model:

    Instead of finding a big mess as the big bang predicts; they will find fully formed stars, spiral galaxies and black holes. I further predict that scholars adhering to the Big Bang model will use words like: surprising, amazing, uncanny, astonishing, and will admit that stars must have formed far earlier than previously thought.

    Of course Creationists won't be surprised at all.

    It is a great time to be a Creationist! Stay tuned.

  • waton
    It is a great time to be a Creationist!

    SB: yeah just thinking, we are catching the balls or photons that were thrown that long ago. and

    that basic ball mitt we created cost roughly I dollar per year per light travel time.

    Money well spend to emulate the creator that obviously wants us to work hard find out how it was done. (if that is important) and yeah, looking at the works can tell us to know a lot about the worker.

    It will not prove Gen 1;1 to be right though, because we already know that the Earth, and the elements in it, were not created in the beginning.

    A lot of eternal energy was available, and used at that time,-- entropy.

  • TD

    Given the fact that the mechanism of "seeing" into the past is via the extreme red shift of the most distant galaxies, I'd say that's probably a pretty safe bet.

    I'm not trying to be facetious here. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by a big mess.

  • truth_b_known
    I am excited to see what images come back to Earth. I have no expectations. What is, is and has always been. Otherwise it could not be.
  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze


    Already preparing for another failure for the Big Bang model? Secular scientists aren't:

    BTW, red-shift won't prevent the "time-machine" from functioning according to NASA.

    "It’s a cosmic time machine, capable of seeing galaxies and stars as they were as few as 100 million years after the Big Bang, the unimaginably violent genesis of the universe."

    “This telescope is so powerful that if you were a bumble bee 240,000 miles away, which is the distance between the Earth and the moon, we will be able to see you,” said John Mather, the mission’s senior project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland."

    Big Bang Model:

    The secularist has limitless faith that Nothing Exploded into Everything...even though this has never been observed. Then, supposedly after billions of years gases slowly coalesced into stars and then after more deep time the galaxies slowly formed, then after more time super massive black holes emerged, etc.

    Literal Creationist Model:

    Everything you see in the night sky was created in one literal 24 hr. earth day.

    You can imagine that the evidence would be quite opposite between the two models. One model has an unguided explosion, the other purposeful creation. They couldn't be further apart.

    We all know what explosions look like and for instance, what a Van Gough "Starry Night" painting looks like. Look at the evidence and make up your own mind.

    The Big Bang model has many, many impossible characteristics. Here are just two:

    1. Horizon Problem
    , the entire universe has the EXACT SAME TEMERATURE. How does an explosion achieve that?

    2. The Flatness Problem,

    How does an explosion achieve a flat universe?

    This video explains much more.

  • TD

    Maybe I didn't explain very clearly. Let me give it another go.

    Our sun is roughly 93 million miles away. The speed of light is roughly 186,282 miles a second. Therefore when we observe our sun we are actually looking roughly 8 minutes into the past.

    The farther away a source of light is, the farther back into the past we're looking.

    The farthest galaxies from us are the ones that are moving away the fastest. (Hubble/Lemaître's law)

    They're receding so fast that the wavelength of the light is "stretched" out of the visible spectrum and into the infrared.

    That's red shift. Observing it is the mechanism of seeing some of the earliest objects in the history of our universe. The infrared light reaching us today was produced billions of years ago as visible light.

    But it doesn't work without light. The JWST is not going to be able to see anything prior to earliest stars and galaxies. The earliest stars are theorized to be non- metallic and shorter lived and it would be cool if that could be observed, but they're not going to look much different than what we see today.

    So the prediction in your OP is actually a pretty safe bet.

  • waton

    look at this model* of the universe : a representative bubble expanding into time (arbeit)


    * 1 space dimension has been removed to make room for time.

    post#1085 shows an alternative theory with eternal time #1, point in time #4 for the start and the expanding bubble of the universe with us in it, as #3, the horizon with photons to be caught by webb seemingly coming from the horizon #9, but really from the deep past #2, that is now empty.

    There was" a lot new before the sun", only 4.5 billion years old.

    so, webb, let us see, let there be "first light" as the astronomers say.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Im not an expert by any means. My understanding is that the universe is racing apart, outwards, like a balloon expanding, until eventually, everything has become so far apart, if we were to look up into the night sky, we would be alone, and nothing would be there.

    Genesis doesnt explain it any better, in fact, it reads like any other creation myth from anywhere on earth:

    'In the beginning, God created the Earth and the Sky.......', ' He created light before the Sun and stars'....., 'vegetation before the Sun'.

  • waton
    a balloon expanding*, until eventually, everything has become so far apart, if we were to look up into the night sky, we would be alone, and nothing would be there.

    jj, yeah, so webb comes just in time before the first light gets stretched into too long a wavelength.

    Satan's world at it again , like with zoom. I have not seen any telescopes, scientific gear in any of the wt depictions of eternal paradise, with a totally dark sky.

    * like the model in the preceding post.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    waton, yes, just like the depictions of paradise, where, according to WT leadership, highly educated people wont be needed, but mainly hard working tradesman to build the new world.

    Apparently, physics have changed in the future and engineers and architects are no longer required.

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