My Prediction Regarding New Space Telescope That Will See Back to 100 Million Years From the Big Bang

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  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    The scientific process, by definition, is going to yield incorrect results most of the time.


    Theories are tested by making predictions and then testing to see if those predictions come true.... just as I have done here on this thread. How many failures need to be experienced before a paradigm like the Big Bang is discarded?

    This is a well-known process in how science progresses. I believe we are reaching critical mass in a number of scientific disciplines, at least for some scientists. This is a very exciting time in science.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You proclaim victory on a headline without understanding the details of what the headline says. You are a fraud as much as the WTBTS is when it comes to scientific reporting.

    What JWST found was stars and galaxies forming much earlier. You claimed initially that they would be fully formed and organized like they are today (a static universe).

    Not only is that proven false, the stars in your headline came from much smaller spaces, galaxies 100 times smaller than our own, which aren’t fully formed yet, which previously we would’ve thought would not have enough mass to form stars. That only shows that things clumped together earlier. You also have to have read the fact that these stars showed oxygen, as expected given their age, on the spectrometry which does support the hypothesis that earlier stars forged many of the heavier elements we know today and were nothing like the universe we know today, again the discovery you claim as a victory actually undermines your argument of a static early universe created in place.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    @Anony Mous

    I held back many things when reporting on this issue because I realize how existentially many people are invested into their anti-Christian world-view, doubtless because of the incredible abuses we all suffered from the WT who presented themselves as "Christian", which it is definitely not. I know that it may feel hurtful and personal when presented with data contrary to a previously held belief, but I can assure this data is not personal toward you or anyone else.

    The reality is that the situation is really far worse than I reported. Even I couldn't have predicted the firestorm that is just now gearing up. Among cosmologists, we are starting to hear words being bandied around like "PANIC", UNPLEASANT SURPRISES", "JWST’s IMAGES ARE BLATANTLY AND REPEATEDLY CONTRADICTING THE BIG BANG HYPOTHESIS", etc.

    The new data from JWST is causing Alison Kirkpatrick, an astronomer at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, to lie awake in bed at 3am in the morning "wondering if everything I’ve done is wrong.”

    This article from Mind Matters tells it like it is:


    Subtitle: The unexpected new data coming back from the telescope are inspiring panic among astronomers

    As a side note:

    Coming soon is the HowTheLightGetsIn festival in London (September 17–18, 2022) sponsored by the Institute for Art and Ideas (IAI), as a participant in the “Cosmology and the Big Bust” debate.

    The upcoming debate, which features philosopher of science Bjørn Ekeberg and Yale astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan, along with Lerner, is premised as follows:

    The Big Bang theory crucially depends on the ‘inflation’ hypothesis that at the outset the universe expanded many orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. But experiments have failed to prove evidence of cosmic inflation and since the theory’s inception it has been beset by deep puzzles. Now one of its founders, Paul Steinhardt has denounced the theory as mistaken and ‘scientifically meaningless’.

    Stay tuned!

  • Gman2001

    They will have to change the model. They are only seeing completely formed galaxies and stars.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Moments ago I paid a visit to the link at which Sea Breeze posted a link to. I notice that the bottom of that web page in conjunction with the About Page says "Mind Matters is operated by the non-profit Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Discovery Institute in Seattle." I'm not in a panic about the Big Bang theory.

  • waton

    Gen 1:1, that SB is supporting here is of course wrong, as is much of the bible.

    The solar system, and planets endowed with a reach load of all kinds of elements, was not created in the Big Beginning, but 10 billion years later, through the outworkings of the laws of this particular universe.

    The JW telescope has so far not yielded any clear images of 14 billion year old planets and stars. only smudges at 12. , but a clear infrared picture of Jupiter though, a tremendous 40 minutes old ?away.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Here are internet links to articles claiming that the James Webb Space Telescope does NOT disprove the Big Bang.

    - ("No, James Webb Space Telescope Images Do Not Debunk the Big Bang: The JWST provides an intriguing look at the early universe, but it's not yet rewriting fundamental theories of the cosmos."

    - ("No, the James Webb Space Telescope did not disprove the Big Bang: Unexpected images of galaxies from the James Webb Space Telescope do not disprove the Big Bang. There are other likelier explanations."

    - ("Here's Why People Are (Wrongly) Claiming JWST Images Disprove The Big Bang Theory: According to an article that's been going around, JWST has found stars older than the universe itself.)

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Here's my original prediction:

    "I would like to make a prediction from a Creation Model:
    Instead of finding a big mess as the big bang predicts; they will find fully formed stars, spiral galaxies and black holes. I further predict that scholars adhering to the Big Bang model will use words like: surprising, amazing, uncanny, astonishing, and will admit that stars must have formed far earlier than previously thought."

    This recent article from Scientific American uses the exact words I predicted : surprising, amazing in describing my key prediction: stars and galaxies..."formed far earlier than thought".

    Article Quotes:

    "his algorithm dug through early images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) late one night in July, Naidu shot to attention. It had sifted out an object that, on closer inspection, was inexplicably massive and dated back to just 300 million years after the big bang, older than any galaxy ever seen before".

    “Everyone was freaking out,” says Charlotte Mason, an astrophysicist at the University of Copenhagen. “We really weren’t expecting this.”

    "The article ends with this:

    "Now the question is, if we can truly believe what we are seeing, is it time to reappraise our understanding of the dawn of time? “We’re peering into the unknown,” Mason says."

    Laughing.... It is not unknown!

  • waton
    dawn of time?

    time has no dawn. there always was time. just not our universes' spacetime.

  • ThomasMore

    Scientists often have the same degree of zeal for theories as religionists do for doctrines. I suppose that following the facts as they are revealed is perhaps the most balanced approach AND it allows us to enjoy - not dread developments that challenge current beliefs. Perhaps we will never fully understand all the events of universe’s beginning and if that is the case, then so be it. The alternative is to demonize anyone who disagrees and be left behind as more facts emerge.

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