They Are Already Talking About Impeaching Trump Again!

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  • minimus

    Nancy Pelosi is saying we need an investigation. Here we go again. Bill Barr will now become the media darling for telling the President to not tweet about ongoing investigations he’s involved with.

  • JeffT

    How many times did the Republicans vote to repeal Obama care? Maybe the Democrats are going to try to break that record by impeaching Trump 150 times.

  • RubaDub

    Maybe each time Congress creates a bill and both sides of the aisle add their "pork" to it, the Dems just slip an impeachment paragraph into it.

    "Repetitive Impeachment" (per Rub a Dub) if that term has not already been coined by someone.

    It would be amusing if every time Trump had a bill presented to him by Congress to be signed that there would be an impeachment paragraph at the end.

    Rub a Dub

  • moomanchu

    If you think the electoral college is unfair, you will really think the way senate works is nuts. I'm suprised the democrats aren't crying about this also.

  • MeanMrMustard

    I am continually surprised by the Democrats inability to see beyond the first layer of cause and effect.

    Many states that traditionally award their electoral college votes to Democrats seem to think that the electoral college is a bad idea. They came to this conclusion, not out of some deeper principles; rather, they reached this conclusion because Hillary won the popular vote in 2016. If only the Presidency were determined by the popular vote, the Trump wouldn’t be the President.

    So, they reason, if we all get together and pass legislation on the state level to give all of our electoral college votes to the winner of the popular vote, no matter how it turns out in our state, then we will produce the conditions sufficient to regain control to prevent another Trump. (See: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact).

    But... there’s always a but. The first layer of cause and effect (Trump bad, Hillary good, electoral college screwed Hillary, electoral college bad) misses a few points.

    It’s Democrat states that are signing up for this compact - states that would go to the Democrats anyway. For these states, doing nothing would still mean the electoral college votes would be assigned to the Democratic candidate. Except now... now, they open the possibility that Republicans in other states could actually affect electoral college votes of Democratic states. And they are proudly advertising this fact. This will cause voter behavior to change, more than likely tipping the popular vote toward Trump.

    Imagine the sheer butthurt of a Trump 2020 re-election. But to add insult to injury, imagine California forced to give its votes to Trump. Oh the tears... the howling...

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