I can't believe Amazon.com is selling this trash.

by JeffT 71 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • JeffT

    Have a barf bag and your blood pressure meds handy before you open this.


    I think we should let Amazon know that promoting the abuse of young children is as bad as abusing them yourself. I guess anything goes if there's a buck to be made.

  • Brummie

    Xandria started a good thread on this a while ago


    I think your right on anything going where money is involved.

  • Joker10


  • Panda

    Always follow the $$$ it's all that matters in business anymore. How repulsive ... this is a how to book for pedophiles. It's wrong really wrong. Where are the morals of the Amazon.com chairmen in not dealing with this? These are the times I feel weak and helpless in the face of powerful evil.

  • stillajwexelder

    I know it is not Christian - but I would send these sort of people to Texas for the electric chair - lethal injection is a bit too good for them

  • Euphemism

    I'm sorry, but I disagree with everyone who's posted so far.

    Amazon's policy is that they will sell any book made available by a publisher. They don't pick and choose which books to sell.

    If you believe that this book should be banned, fine. Go lobby an elected official. If you live in the US, you will be told that as long as the book does not contain obscene descriptions of man-boy sex, it is protected under the right to free speech.

  • funkyderek

    If you don't like the book, don't buy it. If you disagree with the contents of the book, point out where it's arguments are flawed. If you don't want other people to be allowed to buy the book, then move to a country without freedom of speech.

  • Yerusalyim

    I'm personally boycotting Amazon because of this. I told them so. They don't really care. Unless a BUNCH of us boycott...it's of no avail. O'Rielly did a piece on this a few months back.

  • Hamas

    Im with you Yeru.

    I also told them so.


  • Yerusalyim

    ALERT THE MEDIA....Hamas and Yeru once again agree...WOOOHOOOO! Thanks Hamas.

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