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  • seven006


    Here is a little suggestion for you and the next ten people who post a "close my account / good-bye cruel world" post. It is a simple suggestion and will save Simon a little time. Here it is, write it down if you need to;

    Just stop posting!

    These "Delete me, cuz everyone has been picking on me" kind of posts are ridiculous. All you have to do is "not post" and it does the same thing without the six pages of people giving you cyber sympathy and starting a finger pointing war.

    You can't delete this board from your book marks and never read it again and you know it. You can try to develop some self control and not post in a thread when you think you have something to say and none of us will know you disappeared. That will show all of us godless heathens! Why frustrate yourself any more than you already have? Why look stupid coming back with a new name after you gave your "give me liberty or give me death" speech? Just admit you are a little frustrated and pissed off and just go a way for a while. This site doesn't need any more little drama plays than it already produces.

    Big Tex is right, you give it out as much as you receive it. Iv only made one post directly to you in all the time you have been on this board and I was just responding in a way to help you realize that not every thing in the world or in your religious philosophy is an absolute. I did it in a non threatening manner and you came back in a sarcastic, childish, manner.

    I think your biggest problem here is your immaturity and lack of back bone more than it is your religious convictions. Don't go blaming all of us here who do not share in your belief in god as mean and nasty people. Why do you even care? If you have such a great message to share why don't you read a few self help books and learn how to communicate your ideas in a manner that intelligent people can have an intelligent conversation with you. Simply praying to the invisible old man in the sky doesn't seem to be working for you when it comes to this DB. Maybe that's something for you to think about.

    Don't leave. Just take a little time off and try to learn how to communicate a little better. This is not a slam on you but a few suggestion that might help. By posting a good-bye post all you are doing is proving what Logansrun was trying to say in one of the post you got so up set about Christians having a victim mentality.

    You can have your belief and share it here, just do it like an adult and you may have a better chance of getting a few points across. We are all exJW's here, that is our common bond and what makes us all spiritual step siblings. No one here likes to see someone leave all pissed off no matter whether we agree with the new religion they bought after leaving the JW's or not. You are permanently connected to us whether you like it or not or wheather you post here or not. We are all more the same here than we are different. No other people in the world understand us or can sympathize with our trying to find our place in the world than those who we come to play with on this board. If you want to turn your back on us and cut us out of your life then so be it.

    Personally, I wish you wouldn't. We all need this board more than this board needs us and that includes you.

    Take care and try to chill out.


  • Nosferatu

    I really get a kick out of people who say "Delete me from this site". It shows that the person doesn't have the self-control needed to do what he/she says.

    Goodbye again KGB.

  • hawkaw

    I must agree with most of Alan F.'s comments on this.

    You are offered a freedom of "conscience" on this board. You are more than allowed to discuss and tell us your religious beliefs just like I as a geoscientist, am more than willing to explain the historical significance of clay varves to the board.

    Yes it can get a bit nasty around here but ... and this is important ... you have your freedom to do what you want to do and believe in what you want to believe without the fear of every family member shunning you etc.


  • Joker10

    KBG, i bet it make you why you left JWs. you can't find it here either.

  • Mary

    KGB, maybe you should reconsider........I too still believe in God but I realize that there are many here that don't, but hey, that's what freedom of speech is all about. Yes people can get nasty sometimes, heck I had a hundred page argument with Rem about freakin ghosts, but in the end we just agreed to disagree and that was that. If someone tries pulling your chain, just ignore it and move on to another topic.

    Hope you won't leave.

  • Brummie

    KGB is still on the path of not being able to cope with diversity of belief. It threatens him, this is pure insecurity. Diversity is overpowering for someone blinkered in a black and white world. KGB thinks in 2 tones.

    KGB if you were so sure of what you currently believed then you would not feel threatened by others opinions, its ok to disagree and to think differently, God did not create robots, he created us with diversity.

    Its been good to get to know you, hopefully you will stick around.


  • logansrun

    Aw, don't leave KGB! You add a comedic element to this site which would be sorely missed.


  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Why are people attacking somone who wants their account deleted? Is it that difficult to be nice?

  • kgfreeperson

    I'm not Simon, but think about it. How would he "delete you from this site." You put in the url and here you are. I guess he could take away your right to post, but why would he need to do that? As has been mentioned, nobody is forcing anybody to post. So, don't like the site? Delete it from your bookmarks; don't type it in. But to demand that Simon do something he can't do (keep you from reading the discussions) does seem more attention-seeking than solution-seeking.

  • Swan

    Seven006 wrote:

    These "Delete me, cuz everyone has been picking on me" kind of posts are ridiculous.

    I agree with you about this kind of childish behavior.

    I thought you were better than that KGB. I will be sorry to see you go and hope you reconsider. I wish you well wherever you end up.


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