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  • WireRider
    Yes you could say that the GB are comfortably off, don't have to pay bills etc but they do actually get up in the morning and 'work', they aren't going off in private jets to tropical islands or driving Bentleys.

    Funny. In 1929 Rutherford stole over 150 million from forced donations of Watchtower followers to build a house. (19.5 million in 1929 but carried forward unscientifically to 2015) Rutherford highjacked the group and kept screaming the world is going to end tomorrow. He was a very loud FALSE PROPHET that lied about everything. He stole 19.5 million from people in the Great Depression Era to build his part-time house in CA. People were starving to death ... here. Great Depression - how bought 5 cars to brag for his CA home - people in soup lines were falling over dead - and he was stealing their money for "God". People were conned into selling their houses, giving the money to the Watchtower, and families choosing to live in their cars so that they could be more mobile to preach the Watchtower word .... because the world was going to end any day now.

    The Watchtower has been the most self-serving snake oil salesman plague the world has ever known. They create slaves of humans to sell their crap, build their buildings for free, and recruit more stupid slaves to work for free.

    Their existence is a plague. They are "tax exempt" which means that the whole of society is paying local taxes for fire/police/hospitals/general for them. We all have to pay for them. WTF? They are like locusts. They come to neighborhoods, take advantage of them, than hated uninveted pounding on door thing, enslave the stupid and inocent, a sexually molest children because they feel entitled by their "religion".

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  • Saintbertholdt

    Hello Calebs Airplaine,

    Nice picture. Got any evidence for this funneling of assets by the WBTS through the Cook islands?

  • Diogenesister

    Just a small aside as per Joe's post above, my husband had a small decorating business and he was shocked at the time that on occasion people with large comfortable London homes paid for the work by cheque using church funds.

    IE these where not elderly poor etc who may have had such work done via charitable Church contributions.

  • WireRider

    Just to clarify - "church funds". This is the money taken from regular people. Who think their blood/sweat/tears money is being used for "God's work".

    The Watchtower has no charity program that is not self serving. Tax exempt people stealing from every society by burdening them to support their !#$%#$% "church".

  • HappyDad


    You need to get the facts before you post something as preposterous as $19.5 million for constructing Beth Sarim and having 5 automobiles there.

    Beth Sarim cost $25,000 to build in 1929 and there were not 5 autos.


  • Vidiot

    slimboyfat - "I'd be astonished if there weren't some who got very rich from their association and opportune business arrangements..."

    You're right.

    It's a long thread, but worth perusing.

  • WireRider

    Supposed to be "working" in Brooklyn - nice house in CA. Not in the pay scale for a man who was never a Judge in his life. Nice for the homeless in the soup lines. Russell did not want him to be his successor.

  • Saintbertholdt
    Supposed to be "working" in Brooklyn - nice house in CA.

    Rutherford had a private dining room on the 7th floor in NY Bethel with a private elevator (Moyle Trial)

    He also had a separate house on the Watchtower farms (Moyle letter)

    Not in the pay scale for a man who was never a Judge in his life.

    Technically he was a stand in judge for a single short stretch but that did not merit him taking the title of judge I think.

    Russell did not want him to be his successor.

    Seems to be the case. Paul S. L. Johnson thought he was the man, however he was a bit crazy in the end.

    BTW Rutherford had two cars (Cadillac's) and not five. A coupe and a convertible. You gotta be accurate about these things.

  • LisaRose

    You bring up a good point, but the problem is that this organization is completely opaque when it comes to financials, so impossible to say where the money is going. If the Watchtower is being completely honest and above board with the money, why are they so secretive? As the saying goes, follow the money.

    The Watchtower always made a big deal about the fact that their leaders live just like everyone else at Bethel, and that could be true, but it could just be misdirection and they could also have private estates somewhere, you just don't know. The reality is that people in power that have access to large sums of of money will figure out some way to personally benefit from that money more often than not, and they have certainly shown a pattern of lies and deceit in everything else, so why should the money be any different?

    Their recent behavior is highly suspect. They sold a lot of very valuable property and yet only a few years later are cancelling building projects, cutting down on magazine printing and getting rid of people. They have always used the preaching work and magazine publishing as proof they are the only religion doing God's will, so after all this time why are they suddenly doing an about face? Something is going on and you know somehow money is a big part of it.

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