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  • sherrie11

    I don't know if this is off topic but its about Don Adams handling the purse strings : He is the very first president who is not anointed and literally holds more power then even the current anointed. Watch Tower presidency Adams became president of the Watch Tower Society after Governing Body member Milton G. Henschel stepped down from the position in 2000.

    Adams' along with the other Adams' brothers affected the largest silent coup ever and are now the real force behind the Organization as they are strategically placed in all the departments that would give them total control of the direction and policies of the Organization itself. Don Adams is part of the most powerful family in the organization. He is part of what is known as the “Adams Boys”. Don was a member of the Executive Office, his personal office in Brooklyn was directly beside TED JARACZ office and he became Jaracz right hand man and protege

  • Oubliette

    OrphanCrow, thanks for the insight.

    I always thought the whole "loan" thing was rather suspect.

    It just makes the WTBTS look like the proverbial "money changers" that Jesus kicked out of the temple.

  • sherrie11

    more on the RBC: they send the money to a congregation in some location [14:58] they say its a gift so they don't have to report it as taxible [14:58] then after the audit they require the congregation to transfer the money back to the watchtower [14:58] from there it goes into hedge funds [14:58] and other places [14:58] i have been on the money trail for ten months [14:59] but to pull this off they have to have congregations in various locations [14:59] that way they can spread it out [14:59] and if all congregations are required to only bank in certain banking institutions it appears to be nothing more then an interbank transfer [15:00] and those do not alert the fdic or any governmental agencies [15:00] as long as they all bank at the same bank say for example chase bank......

  • Vidiot

    Oubliette - "...It just makes the WTBTS look like the proverbial 'money changers' that Jesus kicked out of the temple."

    Frankly, I think the WTS makes the Gospels' "money changers" look like f**king amateurs.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, ultimate hypocrisy by the money grabbing.
  • Vidiot

    @ sherrie11...

    That stuff you linked to is really interesting, thanks.

    Of all the rumors, theories, and innuendo we've heard about "secret behind-the-scenes string-pullers", it's definitely the most plausible.

    I wonder why it isn't more commonly known in the XJW community.

  • cofty

    sherrie - This is astonishing!

    Are you able to tell us anything about how you get your information?

    Do you think anybody is on the make or is it well-intentioned people being creative trying to protect "theocratic" assets?

  • Londo111

    "Ray Franz never mentioned financial issues"

    Ray was in the Writing Department, thus finances would not be in his domain. His concern was Scripture, Christian qualities, ect...

  • OrphanCrow
    tornintwo: I am intrigued to know if there Is truly any evidence of financial irregularities in the Jehovah's Witness organisation or if any one or group are raking off funds or benefitting financially...?

    On another thread about money, Oppostate had posted this:

    oppostate: And there's all kinds of charities, insurances, funds, foundations and trusts at:

    I visited that link and did a bit of looking around but i can't access any more documents. However, I will copy and paste what I had posted on the other thread about one of the companies at that link:

    Oh geez. I randomly clicked on "Two Copper Mountains Inc." just 'cause I thought it was a cool name and wondered what connection it could have with the JWs.

    Well. That was interesting. Veeerrrry interesting.

    It seems like a JW guy set up a private company to manage a "donation" of a piece of land worth about 1.2 million dollars.

    Next thing that happens is that a guy - Robert Metts (a real estate dude) - made a large cash contribution of $325,000 to this private company, managed by the JW guy and his wife, that was 'holding' this donated land. Some of that large "donation" was disbursed to three Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Next, the land is "sold". For, apparently, "fair market value" of $260,000. The cost of the sale was $26,335, for a net loss of $1,029,455. The land was sold to G&F Farms. It must of been an opportune time to pick up land deals.

    Next, various sums of money was disbursed to "4" Congegations of Jehovah's Witnesses for their "general funds".

    Next, various sums of money was disbursed to "4" Congegations of Jehovah's Witnesses for their "general funds".
    An interesting way of managing "donated land". And what was that big donation that came from a real estate guy all about? The guy who made a scoop on the sale of the land which ended up being sold for a huge loss? It sounds like somebody was making deals and making lots of money.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Bruce Raditich was on the appeal committee that was chosen by the Society to DF me for "Speaking Against the Organization" back in 2001 first committee(sunnyvale) was 5 locals and appeal committee of 3 I think he chaired it. I think he might also have something going with a scam he is a real company man for sure. I asked to have my lawyer present and was denied and also was asked if I had any recording device as I was not allowed any recordings of the trial, what creeps I was told that the secrecy was for my protection to which I told them they are full of shit.

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