Video: Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe?

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  • cofty
    Others of us have found healing by drawing closer to God... - Believer

    ...and making ourselves feel better by condemning those who don't share our superstitions to an eternity in hell.

  • DJS

    Believer and Lieu,

    I'm waiting for a response as to whether you have judged billions of decent innocent people to death. Many of these are believers. Many believe in god. Many have fairh.

    Your answer please.

  • Believer

    DJS and Cofty, you have some kind of persecution fixation that turns any expression by a believer OF HIS OWN BELIEFS into a personal attack on you. It is clear that no amount of reason will penetrate your fixation. So, I will leave you to your own devices.

  • cantleave

    Believer, in your world view, as an atheist who regularly commits the sin blasphemy against, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, and any other fictitious deity I can think of,,,,am I going to hell?

  • cofty
    It is clear that no amount of reason will penetrate your fixation

    We will never know until you try reasoning.

  • LostGeneration
    LostGeneration, it can't be stopped. That's what freedom is all about. Free to believe or not believe in something. The problem is psychos and those who teach hatred.

    It can be stopped. Not in my lifetime but maybe in centuries there will be fewer believers of all stripes hindering progress.

    When I came on this board as a struggling JW I was fully convinced that I just needed to be a plain old Xian and then I would be just fine. But the debates back then helped me rip my belief system down to nothing and then admit to myself what was the most logical and reasoned position.

    I participate now for the same newbies and lurkers who might be doing that same thing. Those people have kids, I'd prefer they not indoctrinate them with some form of Christianity that teaches that their God is going to toss non-believers into hell fire. Or kill them off. Or judge them because they happen to be different in some way their holy book says is sinful. Xians and others who promote any religious position publicly aren't going to steamroll over the rest of us just because they say that's how it has to be.

  • DJS


    Your statements were a personal attack. You judged me and those like me to hell.

    Own it. And since you are ignoring my request for clarification regarding Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains,, et al, all of us are left with concluding that you have.

    Believers god is all rainbows and unicorns. Until she slaughters billions of people Believer doesn't like. And Believer is more than ok with that.

  • Sanchy

    There is no evidence at all that god exists.

    ..If by god you mean some vague notion of a disinterested higher power then I agree. We can no more prove that sort of god doesn't exist..

    I think there's a bit of a contradiction here Cofty :) (I'm teasing you, please don't write me an entire article reply on the scientific method)

    Anyways, my two an agnostic: live and let live. It goes for both sides. It does seem to me that a few voices here have become quite loud lately within some threads as to anything God related, and you know, that's quite sad to me.

    Remember that our shared goal within this community is to help as many exJWs feel free enough to transition away from that cult as possible. The great majority of the ones wondering around here that are still "in" I'm sure still believe in God and the Bible (I know I did for quite sometime). I fear of the feeling of nonacceptance they might have from seeing the general vitriol displayed by a few voices here against anyone that still wants to make sense of spiritual matters. I'm not against putting up proof or evidence for or against evolution / religion, but I wish we would do so in a way that respects the dignity of everyone.

    Please, I urge you all to remember this, lets talk to eachother as we would in person, with respect and dignity. We are all victims of a shared common pain.

  • Lieu

    LostGeneration, IMO the only way to stop it is to install dictators everywhere. Of course, then freedoms get tossed and it doesn't really stop, it just moves underground. Stays underground until someone bumps off the dictator and ushers in a more open form of government,

  • TimeBandit


    "That’s unreasonable, selfish, whinny, and weak."

    That's a personal attack. My post did not attack you personally. Calling names doesn't help you.

    "If hearing about religious or faith based topics damages you so much, SAVE YOURSELF!! STOP READING RELIGIOUS AND FAITH BASED THREADS."

    Who said reading religious based threads damages me? I sure didn't. It doesn't . When I see atheist members posting in threads like yours, it makes me curious as to what is being said, so I read religious based threads...I can do that.

    "It seems you just want to pick a fight."

    Nope, not picking a fight, the fight was already in progress, all I did was participate in the forum...

    "Stop being so needy for attention."

    I'm not any more needy for attention than you are.....

    If you are trying to recover via online connection with other religious types, well good for you. Maybe once you realized that people are tired of it you should have quit posting about it, or found a more suitable forum. Like one where you fit in better...

    Part of this is your own fault.


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