Video: Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe?

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  • DJS

    He was fired from 3 hospitals. He lied and tried to cover up malpractice.

    You would need a shovel and confined space entry permit to find his credibility.

    He was never in a near death situation . His coma was drug induced.

    There is more.

  • OrphanCrow

    Thanks for the background on Dr. Alexander, DJS.

    Here is an article that debunks Alexander's claims and exposes him as a liar - he made claims in his book that are simply not true.

    The article concludes with this:

    So, if we add all this up, we have a neurosurgeon who makes fundamental mistakes about how the brain works, because he is not a neuroscientist or neurophysiologist—and that is a BIG difference. On top of this, he has a history of falsifying records and was in trouble with numerous malpractice suits, so his medical career was effectively over. And when Dittrich checked with other people, many important details in the book turned out clearly false.

    This does not seem to trouble Alexander or any of his followers who want to believe him. They, like so many others, are willing to be duped out of their money for the book and make him rich, all while he tells them fairy stories to confirm their beliefs and make them feel good. It wouldn’t be the first time some religious figure separated people from their money—but perhaps the first time it was done by a neurosurgeon in a white lab coat.

  • startingover

    Thanks DJS and OC for the info. Not surprising to me at all.

    I do wonder though when the statement is made that a person is not religious but spiritual, what exactly does spiritual mean? It seems to me to be a word thrown out there much like the JW's toss around 'spirituality'.

  • TimeBandit

    I believe what I can see with my own eyes and can feel in my own heart.


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