Video: Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe?

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  • DJS


    Let's re cap to put into perspective exactly what we are talking about. There is so much BS being thrown about by various theists that I don't want you to miss the main issue.

    1. We all left a religion that claimed it alone was the true faith and everyone not believing like them was judged to everlasting destruction .

    2. Believer states that anyone not believing like it does not have the true faith and is therefore deserving of everlasting destruction.

    I believe that very accurately sums this series of Believers OPs.

  • Lieu

    How odd, I didn't read that anywhere in the OP.

    You were on the writing committee weren't ya DJS? Yeah you were. You're the guy inserting scriptures that had nothing to do with the content at the end of paragraphs. C'mon admit it.

    Maybe there's some Friday happy hour stuff going on.

  • MarkofCane


    Excellent post.

  • LostGeneration
    How odd, I didn't read that anywhere in the OP.

    Believer has been asked to clarify his position, based on the teachings of Jesus. Not the happy feel good ones, the ones that state all non believers will be cast into hell. Yet he still refuses to answer. He simply states us doofus atheists are confusing religion with God.

    I'd at least respect you Xians if you simply said that Jesus is the man, we support his position, and all the rest of you can burn in hell if you don't agree. Yet you duck and dodge because that position. Why?

  • DJS


    You really are in over your head here, but it is clear that lack of self control is your biggest problem.

    My summary is spot on. Believer is no different than what we escaped. I've copied and pasted his own words and I've given him multiple opportunities to distance himself from DarkLord teachings. He owned them when he stated the following rather than directly answer my questions, and I quote: ".. . expression by a believer OF HIS OWN BELIEFS." The caps are Believers.

    These ARE his beliefs.

    The more you post the more ridiculous you make yourself. The empath in me wishes you would avoid the keyboard. The ass in me hopes you don't.

  • Lieu

    Your summary has nothing to do with what's said in the OP. It's your fabricated opinion. How JW of you.

    Also, Believer is new here. WTF do you think you're doing behaving in such a matter to a new exjw site member?

    You think you're smart, maybe coy?

    You want Believer to return to!!?? Worse welcome I've read on this site in over a decade,


  • rebelfighter


    EXCELLENT POST! The best post of the past week!

    I think everyone needs to go back and reread it.

    Never a JW but there sure are a lot of Pit bull Elder on on this forum MHO!

  • DJS

    I don't give a rat's ass what Believer does or doesn't do. Nor do I give a rodent's rear that Believer is a noob. He had an opportunity to give some rational thought to what he posted. Just like you. He had one desire and one only, and that is to show all of us the intensive bible learnin' he has.

    Believer is no different that the DarkLords. Believer believes exactly like the Dark Lords. Same song, different verse. We gave Believer multiple opportunities to spin his judgments. He tried to deny them. Then he ignored requests to explain them. I respect his right to believe what he wishes, as long as he keeps it between his L ear and his R ear.

    Once he brings it out in public in order to spread his infection, his beliefs become a target. And that is most excellent. And really Lieu, the first and last refuge of you high school grads with a striver's IQ is always to call someone like me an elder. Boring.

    If you have been following along, I don't care. Dick. Ass. Elder. It is rocket fuel to me and completely ineffective. I would prefer more creative names, such as Insufferable Bastard, which I liked. JFK called me an over-educated muffin head, but since his post had an NC-17 rating, he must have called me something else. Dad, I mean Simon, must have censured him. I'm dying to find out what he called me. JFK, if you are reading this, pm me what you really called me.

    I have provided ample evidence, using Believer's own words. There isn't any gray in this issue. But please continue. The ass in me is way ahead of the empath.

  • DesirousOfChange

    And I chose to follow the teachings of Jesus because they are the best principles I have come across so far, and I’ve found the same principles are part of most religious ideals.

    Actually, you chose to follow the teaching of Jesus mostly because of where you were born and to whom you were born. Nothing more. If you had been born on the other side of the globe you wouldn't give a sh!t about Jesus.

    And you claim that you're separating "Religion" from "God". Funny thing.........most people would agree that following the teachings of Jesus makes you a member of the religion known as "Christianity".

    If any of this nonsense that you're spewing really makes sense to you, you should probably go take your Depakote.


  • ChrisIncredulous


    Just want you to know that I think that if belief is what helps you get over the ex-jw issues, I'm happy for you. Like you say, it's not for everyone and I fall into that category. Thanks for a link to this video, it's very succinct and well edited, a great summary of the argument.

    I know this thread you've started is ostensibly for believers, but as you said, discussions between both sides are often very informative and help push understanding forward.

    So in that spirit, I'm interested in your statement that:

    "I have no problem with the idea that religion was created by our ancestors as their expression of a need to worship something greater than themselves."

    And I wonder how that squares with faith in a loving, personal God. My question is, why would a personal God not reveal himself and his principles in a clearer and more consistent way across cultures?

    In light of your last comment "God only requires we have faith... and he will do the rest," I wonder how you come to your assesment of the character of God and what he requires outside of a religious system.

    Please don't mistake the intent of my question. If there was evidence to support the existence of a loving, personal God, I would not be in a position to deny it and nor would I wish to.


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