Video: Dear Believer, Why Do You Believe?

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  • Simon

    Always makes me laugh when someone tries to sidestep the issue of "religion" (easily provable to be corrupt, man made, festering organizations that are as 'inspired' as the IRS) and claim that they believe in God directly.

    Where did you get this belief from?

    You bought it at the Religion shop like everyone else !

  • Lieu

    Why can't you all stop behaving like the condescending JWs that you once were? No one comes here to be preached to ...

    When someone doesn't want "your version of truth" you get pissed. They absolutely must believe as you do or get chastised? WTH????!!!!!???

    We had enough of those type of people already!!! Looking down on those who don't think as you do and jumping to convoluted conclusions. How friggin sad! "You must believe as I do! You must believe as I do!" Screw that!

    You've become what you once were just on the opposite side of the straw. Funny thing is, you don't even see it.

    Now THAT makes me laugh.

  • DJS


    You still can't come up with anything but ad hominems I see. I was actually minding my own business until Believer preached me to hell.

    Now apparently she has assigned billions of other decent people to the same fate. Just because they don't believe like her/it.

    So you do see how ridiculous you are being don't you.

  • LostGeneration

    Ignoring that ad hominem rant Lieu, the issue of belief is important because it is holding our society back as a whole. The longer humans persist in believing in myths the longer people will continue to suffer on on earth because of so called holy books.

    And I'll go ahead and pose the question, do you see it?

  • Lieu

    Well, for someone who doesn't have much to say on the subject, you sure do talk a lot, DJS.

    And why should you care what Believer thinks? It's all make believe nonsense, right?

    Waiting for an explanation from me or something? Well, thanks for your concern that you "missed me at the meeting" brother, but I don't owe you any explanation why I wasn't there. Keep wondering.

  • DJS


    It is all make believe. But sadly people die, are killed and lives are ruined because of your make believe.

    That's why it matters.

    Another interesting point about Believer. She resisted Coftys comments showing how her bible revealed a god who is a moral monster.

    Apparently it is A OK however believing that her god is going to destroy us atheists forever in Gehenna.

    Selective blinders.

  • Lieu

    LostGeneration, it can't be stopped. That's what freedom is all about. Free to believe or not believe in something. The problem is psychos and those who teach hatred. The large majority may believe similar things but only a minority run around blowing people up. They are called fanatics for a reason. They've been around since forever.

    Without religion they'd find a reason to go kill.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Where did you get this belief from?
    You bought it at the Religion shop like everyone else !

    Exactly my idea. Some Believers try to say atheists confuse religion and faith in God.

    I sat that at least every Christian does as well.

    The Bible is a product or result of religion, not a source of religion. Hence every Bible based belief is from religion, not from God.

    Without religious writings and religious tales, much less people would belief in god(s), and nobody would belief in a God called Jahweh who sent his son Jesus to die for our sins.

    So, those who believe in non-personal gods might be true god-believers...all others think they have a direct line with gods but are really just following ideas coming from one religion or another.

    The only people confused about the (non) separateness between God and religion are believers...

  • Believer


    What you are missing is that you nonbelivers are not the only victims here. All of us here (practically all of us) are ex-JWs. We are ALL recovering from the spiritual abuse of the WT. Some of us have found some peace by rejecting all religion and God along with it. Others of us have found healing by drawing closer to God. Why can’t those who are healing through faith have a voice here? Why must all ex-JWs take the path you have taken? That’s unreasonable, selfish, whinny, and weak.

    If this is a forum supporting those recovering from WT abuse, why can’t we all be supportive of one another, no matter the method of recovery? And why can’t believers share their healing faith with one another without having to convince nonbelievers that their method is valid? Why can’t nonbelievers accept that there may be other, valuable and successful ways of recovering from our common affliction?

    The freedom of nonbelievers is no more important and more valid than the freedom of believers. This is a shared space. Learn to share. Learn to find your place. If hearing about religious or faith based topics damages you so much, SAVE YOURSELF!! STOP READING RELIGIOUS AND FAITH BASED THREADS. I tried to make this easy for your by the title of the thread and the words in the OP. This thread is not for you!

    It seems you just want to pick a fight. We are not your enemy. We are your brothers and your comrades. Fellow survivors. Have a little compassion. Stop being so needy for attention. Direct your frustration at the WT, no us.

  • DJS


    You preached us to hell. Some recovery. That didn't feel like a big purple dinosaur hug to me nor a Rodney King why cant we all just get along moment.

    Please respond as to whether you have preached billions of Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus to hell also.

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