How Does One Just Go Back To Family & Friends After Leaving The "Truth"?

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  • minimus

    Lady Lee, I like you too.....Gumby, on the other hand....

  • minimus

    My wife has read your comments and has asked me to thank you for all that you wrote. One thing she doesn't understand is that some have "gone back to certain holidays like Halloween or Christmas". She is having a difficult time reconciling that with what she still understands to be right or wrong. Interestingly, she can understand celebrating a birthday but she doesn't understand going back to celebrations that were steeped in "false religion"......Whatever comments you make, she will read tomorrow.......Thanks in advance.

  • gumby
    Whatever comments you make, she will read tomorrow.......Thanks in advance.

    OK....I will.

    I love you Mrs. Minimus and I want to run away with you. Minimus has told us how beautiful you are and that your kinda flirty and that you have a I know this will upset him, but I just don't care as I have been attracted to you the day he first mentioned you. I have lots of money, I am very good looking , and I hardly EVER pass gas.

    Please do not let minimus read this as I know it will crush him as he is a very sensitive man.

    Kisses and hugs.... from Gumby

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Considering that I now believe the JWs to be a false religion then I get to ignore their beliefs about what is right and wrong.

    I don't celebrate Halloween - kids are grown and frankly after working with victims of Satanic cults I have a hard time getting into the Halloween thing

    As for the other holidays -

    xmas and thanksgiving - well for me it isn't a religious holiday it is a family one

    easter - I ignore it

    what else is there

    Valentine's - well yea we give each other a little something

    Birthdays - yup but it is just the two of us here and I make sure to send my girls and grand-daughter something

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Gumby - you sir are a brat lol

  • minimus

    Thanks Lady Lee. Your comment was much better than Gumby's (as usual).

  • caligirl

    I found that I was welcomed without question when I made it known that I wished to be included in the next holiday gathering ( my family had always tried to get us to the gatherings by being willing to do all the holiday stuff before we got there, but my parents always said no). I felt a little uncomfortable at first because of all the years I hadn't gone, but I knew that it was me and my thoughts making me uncomfortable, not them.

    My suggestion would be to allow them to welcome you all back, and it sounds like they will. Rather than focusing on all the family holidays & birthdays that you missed, focus on not missing out on any more of them!

  • minimus

    We can hardly wait for the next holiday. But I don't think Labor Day or Christopher Columbus' Birthday is a biggie.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I suspect it will be Thanksgiving Day - rather appropriate to be thankful for freedom

    Many JWs have the turkey dinner and the gathering. Some do it the day before or the day after but they still do it and pretend they aren't. Well I think that is sorta like wanting your cake and eating it too - and rather hypocritical too. But the society makes people believe and do all kinds of things that are bent out of shape. No one dances naked at these holidays (well some do but they are the few) No child sacrifices are given. No one is beheaded.

    Some families say a prayer before the meal and thank God or each other for being together and the good things they have. When it comes down to it - that isn't a bad thing - to be thankful for people who love us and welcome us with open arms and no strings.

    So let just one person know you would be interested in joining them for Thanksgiving and ask if you can bring something

    Or you could really shock them and offer to have it at your place lol

    Mrs Min - most important - don't let the WTS dictate who you love and how you show it. Be yourself - human - who makes mistakes and acknowledges them and then does her best to join the rest of the world in celebrating life.

  • jschwehm


    I wondered about this too. However, when we left the JW cult and started reconnecting with non-JW family I found them all to be very welcoming. Most said that they had bee praying for us to leave the JWs for decades. I think you will find that your non-JW family will welcome you and will be glad that you have decided to return to the family. That is how my non-JW family was with me and my wife when we left the JW cult.

    Jeff S.

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