Breaking News, London: Van Ploughs into Pedestrians

by Simon 71 Replies latest social current

  • Simon

    News stations should be there to report news, not make or choreograph it.

    If they are staging things then they should be open and honest about it.

    It's things like this that open them up to charges of "fake news" which someone like Trump can and will then take advantage of to dismiss all criticism, legitimate or not.

    That's why it's serious - the 4th-estate was an important part of control over political abuse of power but they have undermined themselves when they chose to play politics and put profit over integrity.

    The 5th-estate doesn't have the access or resources and people don't have the reputation history that the MSM did which helped protect against "fake news".

    If you care about Trump being president, you cannot watch things like this and dismiss it as "OK". It's very much a part of why he is president and also why he can't be held to account.

  • snugglebunny

    Just released video of the terrorists being shot. No sound.

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