Breaking News, London: Van Ploughs into Pedestrians

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  • just fine
    just fine

    I read an article from a Millennial the other day - they think love and tolerance is going to solve this. Yeah right.

  • barry

    Love is putting these animals out of action so the rest of us are safe and out loved ones are safe. Love is not tolerance toward criminals enabling them to carryout more atrocities

  • sparrowdown

    The peace signs and hashtags solution aka the pussyfication of a nation to accept terror as normal.

  • cofty

    Step 1 - Overlay Facebook profile picture with Union Jack

    Step 2 - Somebody get down there with a piano and lead a chorus of "Imagine"

    Step 3 - Candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square next week

    Did I miss anything else we need to do?

  • hothabanero

    I think liberal idiots are so quick to blame 117 different things that has nothing to do with the problem is because they know deep down they are one of the main reasons this is happening.

    There is no good reason why these ppl should not be in a camp and be given the option to either accept British law above Sharia or leave the country. ffs they are already on a terror watch list, it could ALL be solved in an afternoon by the military engineering corps and a few rolls of barbed wire.

  • Finkelstein

    Britain need a national registry of Muslims NOW and the radical ones should not allow to walk around freely.

    Agree, add all of North America

  • Finkelstein

    Stop and think for a second how many innocent lives were lost due Islamic extremism all around the world in the last 20 years.

    Now think about what has been done to stop this violence and killing from happening ? , hardly anything.

  • zeb

    Imagine if the British govt posted this ad:

    "As there are so many people both uk born and not who are so disgusted with the fine British way of life we are offering one way business class flights to whatever country they wish with their families to go to there they may seek the happiness and success they cannot find here.

    Please apply at your local post office for the relevant forms. As an act of concession all imprisoned for terrorist activities' will be released and escorted to repatriation to the culture of their choice."

  • Simon
    Did I miss anything else we need to do?

    Yes, try to push the focus to be on "victims of Islamophobia" instead of the actual victims of Islam.

    Lots of "I stand with Muslims" instead of standing with the victims of Muslim morons.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    If you find this statement absurd:

    Praying five times a day has nothing to do with Islam!

    Then you should find this statement equally absurd:

    Jihad has nothing to do with Islam!

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