The absurdity of petitionary prayer

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  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    I prayed to God before I tried to kill myself. I prayed for days, for weeks, for months, but the pain didn't go away. I almost died that night, only to be yelled at by my elder father when I woke up in ICU because I didn't have enough faith. I asked him why God would let me go through so much pain and never help me, and he told me to remember Job.

    If there's a God, I don't know where he was then.

  • LittleToe

    K&H:I hate responding to "I prayed, and my life still went to sh*t" comments.
    It's not because I don't empathise, because I truly do.

    Why bad things happen in the world, and God appears to do little about them, is perhaps the most difficult question that anyone can ask a believer.
    It always seems to come down to this, as the crux of the matter, for many.
    Actually, looking at it from another direction, if God answered all prayer we'd probably have a planet of believers.

    I can offer no platitudes to this one, I believe that any attempt to would be dumb.

  • LittleToe

    Did I kill the thread??

  • Robdar

    We forget sometimes that we are co-creators. Many times, it is our thoughts and good intentions, also bad intentions, that can cause changes in our lives.

    When we have strong thoughts, they go forward in search of that which we are thinking about. Too many times this natural phenomena we credit to supernatural means.

    Example: Two days ago, at work, alone, I had a seizure. I knew it was coming because I suddenly had an urge to vomit, I heard the high pitched hum in my left ear (my seizures are based in my right temporal lobe) and reality shifted. This is called an aura. When it happened, I only had a few minutes to find a place to lie down. I quickly called my boss at home, who proceeded to freak out, and told her what was about to happen, locked the front door and made my way to the sitting room to lie down and have the seizure.

    As I was coming out of my seizure, my perceptions, as always, were heightened. I saw a white flame of light descend upon me and envelope me. I knew that somebody was praying for me. It felt like Nicolle, my boss. When I could get back to my feet, I stumbled to the phone and called her, as she had requested, to let her know that I had survived the seizure. I also asked her if she had prayed for me. She started to laugh and said, "why, yes, I did. I was so worried about you. I hope that you do not mind."

    While I sat on the chair, waiting for my relief to arrive from the other store, I knew each time the phone was going to ring because I saw, what appears to me as, a purple flame/spark behind my closed eyes. Each time, right after I saw this thought form, the phone would ring with somebody from one of our many galleries calling to check on me and offer support and love.

    Now, believe me or not, but I know, from my own experience, that that which we focus on, especially with a strong emotion behind the thought, will go forth and find that which we seek. So, that which we fear, that which we love, we will affect with our thoughts and emotions.

    To me, when we pray, something does happen. This is not necessarily God interceding on our behalf. It is US and our thoughts bringing that which we desire into fruition.


  • amac
    Actually, looking at it from another direction, if God answered all prayer we'd probably have a planet of believers.

    Exactly! My question to a believer is "And the problem with that is.....?" I've never understood the idea that God wants believers that believe as the result of a guessing game instead of existing proof. He didn't seem to mind in Bible times to provide many miracles to prove himself and to set a precedent for what could happen in the future. Why the change?

  • Navigator

    The mystic Joel Goldsmith opined that it was a waste of breath to ask God for anything because God isn't holding back anything. Prayer is important. It is petitionary prayer that is a waste and often self defeating because it acknowledges a lack or limitation. It goes against the advice of Jesus who said:"when you pray, pray believing that you have already received". Robdar has put her finger on the key to the whole thing. We are all connected in ways we don't fully understand. We can know the truth about each other. We can know the perfection in which we are created and remain still and that knowledge must have a reflected effect in our human consciousness.

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    Oh blah.

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