That good old JW rumour mill

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  • punkofnice

    Because I simply decided the watchtower corporation wasn't the truth(tm) I was DA'd in a secret JC that I didn't attend. I was writing songs with a friend that day instead.

    JWs wasted no time in labelling me as an evil villain. The rumours abounded.

    I was labelled as 'a false prophet'. I'm not sure what exactly I had prophesied...1975?

    I apparently had become the vicar of a church. I await my stipend but have no idea where it's coming from.

    A guy that worked in a retail outlet has JWs avoiding his till because he shares the same name as me and many JWs don't know what I look like.

    The latest rumour is that I have come out as gay and have a boy friend. This is news to me. I don't fancy blokes. I prefer intimacy with a female. I really don't care if someone is gay or not. What I care about is if that person is a good person or not. I don't care who they sleep with.

    So, there we have it.

    I'm apparently a gay prophecying vicar that works in a retail outlet. This was all news to me.

  • KateWild

    Wow such rumours. They are still talking about you punky. Shows you were well known and respected in my opinion.

    I wonder if there are any rumours about me. I doubt it. I could generate them if I went to a meeting in my circuit. But I have some paint that I need to watch dry.

    Kate xx

  • Tenacious

    The JW gossip is worse than anything I have ever seen. If you tell someone you found a 100 dollar bill by the time it reaches the 10th person you are a damn millionaire. Freaking hilarious and sad at the same time. Boy oh boy, that spiritual paradise sure is pumping.

  • punkofnice

    Kate - Thanks. Yes, they are still talking about me.

    Tenny - I agree with you. Before you know it, truth books hit people on the head and they covert to a nutty cult.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I believe they have to make up and spread nefarious rumors and tales about anyone who just leaves (esp anyone with some prominence in The Troof0, lest the humble R&F continue to question about why such a respected person would leave the Cult. If the R&F come to realize that such a knowledgeable and respected person has actually chosen to leave for reasons of conscience due to WT policy and/or doctrine , then they would also begin to seriously doubt and question all the issues they have blocked with their CD.


    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • cantleave

    Punky - you look so evil in this photo from a couple of years back in our dining room.......I think you preaching to us about the virtues of tea and biscuits.

  • stuckinarut2

    Why would witnesses allow any facts to get in the way of some good old judgemental gossip?!?!

    They thrive on spreading stories and rumours sadly, and this culture is caused by and encouraged by local big mouth elders who follow the lead of the GB.

  • punkofnice

    DOC - The thing that was the tipping point for me was the 'overlapping generations(tm)' garbage.

    Cantleave - I remember it well. We made Jehovah(tm) sad by wearing Sparlock(tm) t-shirts and eating birthday cake. Must do it again sometime.

    SIAR - Facts are bad because they expose the criminal lies of the watchtower corporation.

  • cantleave

    My 50th Birthday / Halloween party planned for 29th October maybe?

  • maninthemiddle

    If had many rumors spread about when I was a good JW, I can only imagine they are much worse now.

    JWs are a gossipy bunch. The JW community is small and I think paths cross often, it did surprise me when I was about to get married after moving across he state that there was gossiping in the new cong. I was naive enough at the time to think it was isolated to my old cong. I guess that was about the time the rose colored glass of the org started to fog up.

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