President Trump launches missile strike against Syria

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    As usual...

    JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press:

    Obama aides push back against criticism of inaction on Syria

    Obama aides took to Twitter and the airwaves this week to point out what they called the hypocrisy from Republicans and from Trump himself.


    Tommy Vietor, former spokesman for the Obama National Security Council, sent out Trump's tweet demanding Obama get congressional approval. "What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval," the businessman tweeted in 2013.

    Now president, Trump ordered the missile strikes on Thursday without seeking approval from Congress.

    ...the Orwellians are at it again.

  • Landy
    Wow. Wait until this guy hear about Trumps attacks on Syria...

    You couldn't make it up could you!

    I think he should have stuck with reality TV

  • Simon
    Where is LUHE? The images of gassed children make me wish for some reassuring Assad is really a very sensible guy we should really work with in order of defeating the Islamic state. After all, backing a middle-eastern dictator who gassed his own population has never backfired no?

    First, we need to know whether gas was definitely used, who used it and who supplied it. There are lots of different factions and the idea that "Assad will fight ISIS" is simplistic and what get's the west bogged down in conflicts where it's unclear who we should be fighting and why. We could well end up uniting the opposing forces against what they see as a greater common enemy - us !

    It's naive to pick one side as "the baddies" and then think we automatically need to support the other side. There don't appear to be any clear choices in this conflict.

    Rushing to bomb places is usually a bad idea.

  • Landy
    More on topic, it seems that (a) Syrians are psychic or (b) someone tipped them off. I wonder how that could have happened..

    I have no problem with them evacuating personnel - however they would have found it tricky to take the runways and control towers with them.

  • bohm
    While I admire Trump for actually doing the right thing in this instance and standing up to Assad & Putin, I'm not so sure it will be good in the long term. I'll wait and see.

    For months I have explained Russia was supporting Assad in fighting the western-backed insurgents. This support has extended to bombing their positions by the Russian air force. You have come back with the tired old line that "it is either Assad or ISIS" and therefore this is okay.

    Now Assad is using weapons of mass destruction and ... now it is good to bomb Assad?

    Was is your position? do we keep Assad or support the forces who are trying to remove him (in this case, the rebels backed by the international coalition)

    Is your position we should bomb Assad a bit, but not so much it really threatens his regime?

    If you maintain the best course of action is to support Assad, as you have said previously, what good does it do to make a few potholes in an airport?

    In the meantime, well done to Trump for showing some guts and straightforwardly standing up to Assad & Putin by striking a Syrian base. I'm sure you agree.

    Trump is not showing "guts". He did a 180 (see the tweets I posted) because it was convenient, not because anything changed about the situation.

    Obama dropped 12000 bombs on Syria the past years and tried to meaningfully remove or weaken Assad all while Trump was crying this was meaningless, now all of a sudden he made a single airport half-operational and it is treated like D-day. In reality, 60 pieces of ordinance don't change anything.

    It makes a refreshing change from Obama's weak, cowardly actions in Syria

    Oh so now you DO support removal of Assad and backing of the insurgents?

  • bohm
    Simon: First, we need to know whether gas was definitely used, who used it and who supplied it

    There is a lot of misinformation and propaganda making the rounds. Russian propaganda claims it is the rebels/nothing happened, Iran that it is the jews... I believe the evidence is quite strong Assad did it. Even if you simply think about who has the means and that is what Pentagon believes as well, presumably operating from much better sources than we have.

  • Hecce

    Bad if truth:

    Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I believe the evidence is quite strong Assad did it - the gas attack happened in a place ruled by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, hard-line Islamists and until recently the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. No impartial Western journalist would ever dare go there - they'd likely be killed or kidnapped within hours.

    I think it's best to wait and see re who caused the gas attack.

    Peter Hitchens has written a good article about this and the wider situation in today's Mail on Sunday:

    Well worth a read.

  • scratchme1010

    OMG! Trump did something impulsively! Imagine that!

  • jwleaks

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