to ex-jw's specifically: with what have you replaced your belief system..

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  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    ...all i can say about Deepak Chopra is be very careful who you give your money to.

    ...i'm a Buddhist and a Witch, in both cases they are spiritual practices which i believe in and simply get real results from, not only that it is ok to practice both of these practices without conflicts and i have definitely made sure my teachers, traditions and lineages were authentic, and trustworthy...there's no skimping on the proof of trust when seriously seeking spiritual practices that work... and every seeker definitely deserves that trust and respect. we say in magical circles, Know Thyself

  • shotgun

    I must have wasted too many years at the old Kingdum hall...who the hell is Deepak Chopra is that a relative of Tupac Shakur.

    What is his teachings about?

    I have no belief system presently.....I'm still doing the losing my religion part.

  • Swickley

    Science. Higher Learning. Associating with other "thinking" people -- not mindless zealots.



  • gumby
    how do you now understand the world... and your place in it?

    This is probably THE most desired question to be anwered in man's history.

    Heres the problem..........were kinda dumbshits compared to men who have minds a bit beyond most of ours..... that have been trying to figure out the answer to that very question. Where have they gotten?

    Do you think us dudes can really know for sure any answer we come up with is the right one? If can you follow it so closely......if your one who follows a belief closely ? I can't.....I'd feel like a dumb dubass again if I did. I can truely say....I don't have a friggin clue but wished like hell I did.

    I do think if man doesn't exterminate himself .....the time will come in the not to future when man will know.....through science.


  • smack

    nothing, absolutely nothing. After much searching, I realised that humans need a purpose, a reason, something to work for or

    towards. I can be just as happy with no reason, no answer, no goal.

    Mebbe I'm just simple.


  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    Deepak Chopra is not related to Tupac Shakur ( ;] ) however he is an affluent new age kind of doctor feel-good who lives in San Diego and has actually been indicted for blackmail and harassment... more info at

    happy birthday smack! {:I>

  • smack

    Thanks John. It's not for another 12 hours yet.

    and...... I just noticed. I'm out of pull ups and into depends now. That mean I don't have to wipe my own bum anymore????

    Senior Steve

  • Aztec

    Smack, you're a nut! :-*

    Of course noone should really "believe" in evolution because evolution is not a belief but a fact. How can you believe in a fact? A fact just is, a belief is more relative. I'm an atheist at present...ask me tomorow...


  • Ravyn

    ^here is a review of the book I am talking about.

    Deepak is a very wise man, and like all wise men, there is a tendency to worship such if you are searching for someone to worship. I am not. I have never wasted a penny that I have spent on his books. I do not understand why anyone would be critical of what he has to say. If you don't want to pay full price for a book-there are enough places to get one free---go to the library.

    anyway, out of all his books(25) "How To Know God" is the best and worth $14.00.

    read some of the reviews--41 sample pages---on :


  • Ravyn

    here are the links to rickross' coverage of Deepak's legal woes. you be the judge. personally I consider rick ross to be nothing more than a sensationalist. he trashes everyone. he is anti-religion, check out his list of cults and you will find every sect there is, regardless of whether or not it is dangerous.

    and don't forget the interview with Larry King from the same site:

    (which I fail to see how it is damning evidence of Deepak Chopra starting any kind of 'cult'...)

    Ravyn, who believes the man has something worthwhile to say.

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