Had a wonderful visit with Mr and Mrs Flipper Sat.

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  • 3rdgen

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted much lately because I got a new job at the end of Nov. and It's taken much of my time and mental energy. I still read though and care for you all very much so I thought I should let you know about the meet-up I had yesterday with Mr and Mrs Flipper.

    Hubby got a call the day before from flipper saying he and his wife were going to visit his mother (who is in a rest home in my town) and would we like to meet up for coffee? Hubby couldn't make it but I was delighted to accept.

    We picked a burger place not far from the rest home and where I knew Jdubs don't usually hang out on Saturdays. As luck would have it, it was PACKED when we arrived so there was no way we could have a decent visit there. I suggested we walk the short distance to Starbucks where (since it was just past noon) I said we would not likely run into any JWs. After all, don't they quit at the stroke of 12:00 ? Haha

    Sure enough there was a brother standing right next to me waiting for his coffee. We ignored each other and we all went outside since it was a beautiful day. What a PLEASURE to share laughs and stories with the flippers. I didn't know if the brother and his family could hear us or not and frankly, we didn't care. If they did they sure got an earful LOL! We each told a long sordid story of brothers involved in everything from child abuse to adultery and how these people rose to the top of the Borg to eventually hurt us yet, at the same time, help us to wake up.

    Before we knew it over 2 hrs had passed and it was time to see flipper's dear elderly mom. I asked if I could come along and meet her so that I could check in on her from time to time as the flippers live too far away to do it themselves.

    When we got to her room Old man Flipper was there and mamma was asleep in her chair looking frail and tired. I have to confirm flippers accounts of his father. IMO he is pompous and arrogant. No matter how sweet any of us were to him he never once asked a single question about ourselves. It looked to me like it was all he could do to be civil. In contrast mamma was warm and friendly and clearly delighted to see her son and proud of him as well.

    I wanted to pass this story along to all of you to express how happy I am to finally make TRUE friends. I know we have each others back in good times and bad with zero judgement and complete understanding. I am certain if any of us were in trouble we could call and help would be on the way. What a feeling! I am overjoyed!

  • OnTheWayOut
    I love my dear friends, the Flippers. So glad they made that visit, and you all had such a great time. I have been to their home, slept on their couch twice. And of course, along with you, have spent time with them at Tahoe. I hope all is well with you at your job and all, and it's awesome that you want to check in on Flipper's mother.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Congratulations on new job. I wholeheartedly agree, a new job is very mentally exhausting for the first month or so. Glad you had a great visit with the Flippers. I'm sure they are awesome people!!!!

  • 3rdgen

    OTWO, Thanks buddy! I told them that 3 hours just wasn't nearly enough time with them, that I want to have a pajama party where we stay up all night in our fuzzy slippers and swap stories and laugh. :) So glad you got to do that!

    Yes I am glad to look in on mamma flipper.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Sounds like a great visit!

    Can't you just "feel the love" from "Old Man Flipper"? Like so many JWs, he appears to be unhappy with the miserable waste he has experienced with his life. Nothing to smile about.


    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • 3rdgen

    Beth Sarim, Yes, this job has been particularly frustrating because my supervisor is an admitted perfectionist with OCD. He he is constantly criticizing and micro-managing. UGHHHHHH!

    You are right, Beth, the Flippers are as good as it gets.

  • kairos

    I would like to meet -up soon, too.

    Can't wait 'til July in Tahoe!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Nice OP, 3rdgen.

    I wanted to pass this story along to all of you to express how happy I am to finally make TRUE friends - thank you very much. I'm glad that true friends have helped you. I don't have many real friends. I'm pretty sure that, at some future point, I'll post here asking for posters' love and understanding. Although I can be a cantankerous old sod, I'd like this forum to respond positively and help me.

    Please pass on my regards to Mr & Mrs Flipper.

  • 3rdgen

    Doc, No kidding! What gripes me is that Old man Flipper is 90 years old but could easily pass for late 70's. Why do the ass#$%$s live so long? I know, because they don't care about anyone else enough to worry. (which often causes illness and aging).

    I agree about living a successful life. Hoping to do just that.

  • 3rdgen

    Kairos, agreed, July seems so far away!

    LUHE, I'm glad you liked my post. True friends are rare and thus very valuable. Rest assured that when you are in trouble or need to vent, this is a good place to come. We are all unique yet we have had the shared experience of being in a harmful cult. This alone makes for a common bond which is a perfect place to start a true friendship. :)

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