Had a wonderful visit with Mr and Mrs Flipper Sat.

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  • flipper

    Hi, 3rdgen! And everyone here, too.

    It was really fun to see you, as usual! We are so happy that you went with us to meet Flip's mom. She felt really good that you would come to see her, she liked you, and said that she does get lonely. You are the best. I wish we lived closer.

    How'd you like when the first thing Flip's dad said was "she's getting worse." She was probably sleeping in her chair to avoid being spoken to like a child. Pop left around 3:30.

    We stayed until 5:30 and Flip played her a bunch of songs, she loved it. She has still got her sharp wit, we talked about all kinds of things. Her short term memory ain't so great but then neither is mine.

    Went for Jamaican food with Flip Jr, had a great time. The ride home is so hard, though. Next time we may stay in a motel near the nursing home, then visit her again in the morning and drive home in daylight.

    So we would be free to meet up in the evening, maybe go get pizza and hang out. And round up anyone here who wants to join us. That would be a good time for sure.

    Thank you so much, 3rdgen.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • kairos

    In April things will lighten up for me and I want to make some trips.

    A pre-Tahoe Apost-a-palooza might be just what some of us need ( me ).

  • 3rdgen

    Mrs Flipper, You are such a special lady. I can't think of anyone else who could show the love and understanding you do for exdubs and how we used to think. It would be awesome if you and Mr Flip could spend the night next time and include others who want to get together.

    I'm glad Old man Flipper left early and you could have a nice visit with mamma without a wet blanket.

    Kairos, April is usually beautiful in our neck of the woods (unless it's raining). I love your idea of a pre Tahoe Apost-a-palooza! With some planning we can make it happen!

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    If that Pizza invite is close to Redding Let me know.


  • Dagney

    Hi peeps! 3rdgen how great you got to meet up with the Flippers. I hope everything works out for Tahoe for me this summer. You, Cha Ching and I need a chat session with some champagne!

    Much love to you and hubby! xx

  • flipper

    Hey 3RDGEN- Just got back from working last night and my wife told me you posted this thread. Thanks for posting the thread, really enjoyed your takes. We really had a nice time visiting with you also. You and your husband are dear friends to us for sure. What a very kind thing to do for my mother in visiting her with us . We enjoyed having you visit and enjoyed our Starbucks visit as well with you ! Sorry your hubby couldn't make it- perhaps next time as you mentioned we could spend the night and visit with him more too ! It would be great to get some others together as well for pizza or something . Sounds fun !

    It really is true though- those of us who have been through the fire of unjust treatment inside the JW cult - do develop a deeper sense of empathy and appreciation of freedom once we get out and a deeper understanding and empathy towards others who have been mistreated as well . Say " hi " to hubby for us and give him a hug from both of us. O.K. ? We look forward to our next visit with you - hopefully in a couple months ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • 3rdgen

    Dagney, Not positive we can make Tahoe this year either but keeping fingers crossed. I would LOVE to have champagne with you and cha ching. Heck, I'd settle for a few beers!

    Flipper, Balaamsass and I are so very glad and grateful we have developed our friendship. Hugs back acha!

    Simon, thanks a million for this site. Without it we would never have met all these fantastic people!

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